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Hey teen! Summers can be stressful. Right? And especially when you just can’t figure out what to do. Lemme give you a quick fact. Did you know, that 80% of the online businesses were built or the idea of those particular businesses was brought forward during the summers?
Yep, summers are a great period of time if you wanna get your hands dirty into something new. And let this article be the last one you’re reading before you get onto something you love. I have taken the day and jotted down the best practices one could do to remain on a productive high during summer.

1. Complete a book!

Honestly, c’mon, have you really, ever in your life completed a single book word-to-word? This one turned out to be the most productive activity hands down. To me, books from established authors have been a great source of knowledge and something that definitely won’t drive my attention away to other topics like suggested videos on YouTube do. Not only books from the established, but you could also try to take this time to discover new authors and books that might be resonant to you.

Remember, it’s all about trying new things.

2. Develop a new Skill

‘Routine’ is another word for a ‘daily skill’. What I suggest you do this summer break is to list down something you’ve never done. Regardless you like it or not. Just list a few of them down. Then take a few minutes to deeply sense each and everything and see if you can really do it. If your answer is ‘yes’ even for a pinch of second, consider trying that skill. I just cannot emphasize more on the fact that we do not know what we are good at unless we try new things. Here are a few most preferred skill-enhancement activities one could do:

• Play an instrument- start with a guitar!
• Cook different cuisines- who says cooking is a girls thing? I like cooking too! (Provided I have a good manual/HOW-TO)
• Learn a new language!- People, YouTube can be a great source for learning something like a language from scratch!•
• Think of business ideas and make them happen!- Start with a pen and paper and make a crazy plan of how you can help people in exchange for money! (Trust me, some of them could be transformed into real profitable business ideas!)
• Write your heart out! Blog! (Just like how I’m doing it. It has never been easier. All it takes is a Google search on “how to start a blog for free“.
• Learn to dance or sing!

3. Meet new people

Networking is awesome. It is always great to go around local events and meet people! It can be anything from a fest to a store launch! There are always like-minded people around waiting to share their insightful thoughts with you. You just gotta get out and find them. And going to events and parties can actually be a great way to do so.

Alright so now you have a reason to go to parties? Nice 😉 Take that as a bonus if you would.

4. Pen down your future!

We all have a fantasy world we want to live in. Some of us got goals of rolling in a Ferrari and some of us want to have the best destination hangouts with friends or family. Whatever it looks like, pen it down! As you do so, you will automatically see yourself reverse engineering ways to make it happen! Trust me, sounds weird but works like magic!

Start with writing your current age- all the way upto the next ten years and write down whatever you wanna do in the respective years. Once you’re done with that, chances are, you, yourself are going to get ways on how to make that dream a reality, if not, Google about it! Google about how you can afford to get a Ferrari, Google about how you could land a dream job! Learn whatever you need to learn and leverage this summer vacation window to know exactly what you want from life.

5. Get the TO-DO Lists Checked!

Honestly, how many of us have longed to get at least one of our To-do lists checked off completely? Most of us! And for the people who somehow magically have ever managed to shoot the complete down- you know it truly never has been shot and there’s always something that keeps adding up. Well, now that you’re on a summer pause, and have no such ‘homework’ chores apart from a few assignments, it’s better if you focus on shooting down the tasks in your to-do lists. Doing tasks that you’ve planned weeks or months earlier is indeed fun, it can make you do something so different (which might have been your true passion but you couldn’t truly discover it due to school) that you already start to feel productive and amazing about trying different things.


Bonus Tip:

Complete your holiday assignments within the first week of your vacations to truly enjoy them. Guys, I’ve handled this for 8 years straight. Regretting not doing your holiday homework is the worst feeling ever. So get that sorted, it might be a pain in the head but I guess that’s how you start with your vacation a little more swiftly- by slowly getting rid (completing) the school assignments/work and listening to your favorite Maroon 5 track.

Happy productive summer folks!


Remember this throughout- In the end, it’s all about trying new things.



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