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It’s super interesting how I sometimes just push my audience off my blogs and podcasts. I tell you all not to waste time reading a blog post that’s available in the form of an audio (like this one) or simply giveaway the entire idea of it in the title of the podcast itself. I mean, look at this one, do I really know how to set the right title for my stuff? Or do I really know it the way no one does? Whatever it is, it is what it is and this blog is about meditation.

What’s meditation? Is it sitting on the floor with your legs crossed and deep breathing? To most of us, as we’re told, yes, it is exactly that but to me, again, my opinion, it’s simply calming your sh*t down. One may do it alone, or in a group, it’s all about making your sub-conscious mind, aware of the reality and it’s about giving your conscious mind the freedom it requires to be present in the moment. I’ve lately figured that one can crack this in, multiple ways and straight to the latter, here are few ways that calmed me down and helped me give my mind a reality check, these are in no particular order but the ones that usually calm me down- relatable soft music, a few humans I could confide in- simply talking to them would give me the check I needed. They might or might not know everything about the problem or the anxiety I’m facing but just talking and pouring it out, calms you down more than anything else. Side note, make sure the individuals are close enough as to keep your issues with them and them only., reading fiction as it requires most patience. Anything that intrigues your dopamine levels, while pushing you towards maintaining your patience, is a good substitute for meditation. I’ve even found my meditation in wearing my college sneakers and simply going for a walk because- it’s not explainable. But there always are things that bring you peace, and solace. Figure those few things and make them a routine if you think you’d fail to sit cross and pretend to meditate. If you’ve been on my podcast for quite some time, I’m sure you know how much I push on redefining your system, which is congruent to your body and soul because trust me, everyone is a different being and it doesn’t work all same for everyone.

Then why the deep breathing exercise, Akshat? Why can’t I just do that?
Because if you’ve reached till here, you deserve to know what brings you peace and for now, it’s this podcast, so there’s your answer.

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