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Procrastination!– Is THE singular thing we hate to do but love doing. The act and the consequences of Procrastination makes the exact amount of sense, the previous sentence did.- NONE.

Let’s admit, Procrastination makes us feel good. It helps our excuses flourish. Procrastination can actually be the main reason why you’re stuck with life- and this holds very true. 8 out of 10 people I once surveyed, asking why they aren’t doing anything big in life, replied- “I just don’t feel like doing it at that moment and put it off for tomorrow.” And who knows this better than us teens- “Tomorrow never comes”.

Before jumping into this, I’d like to inform you that there are two contrary sides to this story and you might wanna skip to the “Contrary Version” of this later in the post.

This phrase is one of the most popular among the yells of the teachers at school. Tomorrow never comes.
And yet, we waste our today, waiting for ‘the’ tomorrow.

I was/sometimes am one of the biggest targets of this blissfully-guilty act- Procrastination. And believe it or not, it used to be about 80% of the things, 80% of the times that I used to put off for tomorrow until I discovered this video on YouTube with 126 views that dealt with the prevention of Procrastination. At first, I asked myself, can I really “prevent” it?

With the view count of the video at 126 and the like counter at “110”, I presumed I could. Those 4 minutes changed my life.  And this article further, tells you exactly how.

Here is a simple trick to just DO.

Let’s take a scenario. The most common one is to lift your heavy body and drag it to the gym/fitness workout. I’ve been through this and I’m sure quite a lot of you who’re reading have too.
It might not necessarily be a gym but even an evening walk that’d keep you healthy and your blood flow clean. (I’ve seen that ‘paying’ for something decreases your chances of procrastinating that particular activity to a large extent. That’s because you’ve paid actual money for it and anyone would feel guilty not using the service you’ve paid for. So one of the best ways to get your fitness right and eliminate that sort of procrastination is to pay and guilt yourself to do it.- works really well if you’ve got the extra cash to spare. If not, read ahead.)

I found it a really hard time to lift myself up and gather the motivation to go workout. The second biggest task, after getting up from the couch was to wear my socks and shoes. And in the middle of all this, my phone’s/laptop’s screen would keep me hooked and give me a hundred reasons why I probably shouldn’t go for a workout that evening. I got to such an extreme level of procrastination that I literally searched “How to get rid of procrastination” instead of actually getting into action.

After going through a few blogs and videos, I learned to behave in a specific way whenever procrastination would greet hello. Here is how it exactly worked:

Just keep doing whatever you’re doing. If you’re lying down, wheather you’re reading, if you’re on your phone or anything. The first major thing is to actually not think about that activity at all!
Then, have your mind start a count-down timer from 10 to 0.

(Remember, you just have to continue whatever you were doing and not a single thought towards your goal activity)
1. (Even at 1, you have to be as normal as you were at 10)

ZERO. And as you say ZERO. You have to literally throw yourself into the air as if you were into a panic attack. Just close whatever you’re doing. Just close down the laptop. BAM! Just throw your phone on the couch and spring into the air. Just close that book and swing it into the air. Just stop doing that activity and get away from it.

Do this so fast that you surprise your mind. Here is how this worked-
You fooled your brain by behaving ultra normal giving it 10 seconds to count. This way, since you were merely counting and not thinking about something, the brain just couldn’t adapt or say no to the sudden change. If you let your brain take over your procrastination, there is a high chance you’ll end up procrastinating but if you let your body have the say and do not even involve your brain, the brain is not gonna do shit. And by the time it responds, you’re already wearing your shoes and are ready to go. After that, you’ve got no reason to turn back down.

This is a funny yet a very weird trick to try but this is what has been working out for me. If I’m watching a YouTube video on the laptop, I simply countdown 10 and as I reach zero,  I let my hands shut the laptop lid before I let my brain tell me “just one more video”.

The funny thing about the art of procrastination is, one knows that he’s procrastinating. Yet, he/she doesn’t want to do anything about it. Maybe they are lazy but there might be another reason to this. Maybe they really don’t care about what the task is.
Does the importance of the task play a role in procrastination?

The Contrary Part:

While procrastination is a normal and commonly found human tendency, a few people believe that there exists nothing like ‘procrastination ‘.

Instead, they say that procrastination might just be a way of prioritizing things.
Which, I totally agree to. We’ve all got priorities. And we do our best to probably prioritize our tasks so we don’t miss out on something essential due to another not-so-important activity.

Which might also lead us to a conclusion- “We never procrastinate“.

Maybe it’s just the order in which we want things to be done. What I, am worried about and the thing that cripples ME the most is that the activities that are being prioritized by these people are ZERO PERCENT productive. Just so you could have a say, “I prioritize things”, you just cannot prioritize watching the whole season of ‘Castle’, over writing the first chapter of your book. If you think you’re already doing something meaningful and are satisfies with it, no problems.- You’re doing what you want to do and you’re happy doing it. If this is the case, you don’t even need to prioritize but if you’ve just watched whole TV seasons and are complaining about not having time to do your book or yoga, you’re broke my friend and you, NEED TO SUFFOCATE YOUR BS EXCUSES.

You can literally skip the whole blog post and probably read the following sentence.- which I believe makes more sense than the whole blog post combined.

Suffocate your excuses, shock your brain, guilt it, and GO DO.

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