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Hey teen, I’m glad you stopped by. Before anything and everything, there is this one fact that I deeply want you to understand. The fact is-

if you’re holding a smartphone/tablet/laptop/PC and have the audacity to view this website and read this blog, you are in the FAR MAJORITY of people who have a tremendous opportunity of using these very things to network with people. What I mean to say is, we live in a world where the human count is roughly 7.7 Billion and fact-fact, it is growing by every second. As a matter of fact, there were more humans born by the time you read till this part of the blog, compared to the word count of this entire blog post! 7.7 Billion. That is fu*king nuts.

Not only that, this directly means that the population of this world is growing by every second. Now, my point about the blog post isn’t to tell you how sexually active human beings are! Haha, nope, that’s a no-brainer anyways but what I really want to convey, is a request, a plead to make you introspect. Because me being a teen, just like you reading this, know exactly what you teenies feel about your ‘significant other’ or ‘bae’ or your ‘forever’. This post is for both, guys and gals. In spite of knowing the fact that there are way many people around us, we tend to blindfold ourselves to a few. Maybe to even a couple of them and in a few cases, just one of them. Look, I get it, it feels absolutely amazing to find someone who relates to and understand every single emotion inside you but shit tumbles down when we make these couple people or this ‘one person’, the variable of your happiness. That’s where the shit goes wrong.

Chasing particular people, in business, is great. We always HAVE to chase people in order to get what we want. But, even in business, if chasing someone is the variable to your happiness, then quit. This second. If you are making someone the variable to your happiness and the reason of your well doing/being in life, you’re in deep trouble. Because guess what, the strongest of us don’t care about the others anyway. These strong dudes might pretend as if they care, but the truth is, they are well-off without anyone. Which is actually a great trait. Being able to conquer anything by yourself and not requiring anyone else’s support is a great trait but not everyone is wired this way (me neither).
So what we dumb teens tend to do (nah we’re so freaking smart trust me), is we chase the one or two people that we THINK are the most relevant in our lives. You’d have/had em’ too! Don’t know who? Well, someone, you call as your ‘girlfriend’, your ‘boyfriend’ or your ‘BFF’. We chase them based on our expectations about them. This, my friends, fucks things up. You might want/have a different perception about that particular human being but that person you’re chasing, boy oh boy, might not even give a damn about your feelings. In fact, what I want you to believe is the following. And I’m gonna type this big so all those lazy fucks who didn’t make it to this part of the blog know what I’m talking about. Ready? Good.

When you do the right thing, the right people will show up in your life.

Chasing someone and rushing with people, is the quickest way to get the worst of the set of ‘best friends’ or ‘boyfriends’ you may ever make in your entire life. And hey, do you really have so much time on your hands that you’re chasing people? Duh. Guys, gals, listen up. The two, three, six, twenty, fifty, hundred, two hundred or a thousand of you reading this- listen up. If you are reading this, you care about yourself. And you do it better than the far majority of people in this country. Period. If you are able to understand and relate to the words I’ve spit here today, on a very beautiful Monday afternoon, you, my friends have no rights to even ‘consider’ the sufferance of chasing people. Y’all are meant for chasing your dreams. Y’all are meant for getting that Lamborghini. (Hey Adhvaith, yeah broda, you’re getting the lambo if you keep chasing the lambo, not the shit that comes in the way). Y’all are meant for getting that $10,000 Rolex you always see on your rich uncle’s wrist. Fuck that $10,000, you are meant to get a DAMN ISLAND ALL BY YOURSELF! All this sure requires a ton of dedication and hard work but before all that good stuff that your teachers & parents tell you about, remember this-



If it was me,
I’d chase the hustle to get that Rolex on my wrist,
than the loser human lookalike TRex in the mist.

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