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There is never a reduction of something if you simply do more and regular of it.  A good starting point for this blog post is differentiating between the two as per their literal definition. Consistency simply means a stable/consistent behaviour or treatment whereas intensity means the quality of being intense.

These two, sure sound very different- however, they are often confused with when brought into action. So, is it okay to be intense without being consistent? Or should we always do all our things consistently and intensely- both at the same time?

Well, the answer according to me, is neither and here’s why-

And jumping straight to the point here: It is okay to not be intense or perfect but, one must always be consistent. Consistency, also referred to as compounding in the finance world, helps an individual to keep growing in any given circumstances. For instance here, the everyday morning podcast. I actually have a great point here, pay close attention to what I’m about to say-

Let’s once again listen to what I decided to call this instead of The Teenpreneur Digest- the everyday, morning, podcast.

Let’s break these words down. Everyday, signifies consistency- as in, the podcast comes out everyday- no matter what. The word morning, however, signifies specificity. Being very specific. Or, you could say, intense. Which implies, the podcast, is a must to launch a new episode for everyday but most preferably (which is the intensity factory), most preferably- it comes out every morning of everyday.

For example, today as you know and as I tweeted (by the way my twitter handle is @akshat_do), I had a bit of cold in the morning, and decided to give my body some rest, so I had a mapped out 2-hour nap to regain it all, which means, I gave up on the intensity factor for today. However, here I am, recording this podcast right the same day, just, 3-hours post my everyday schedule! And that, kept its consistency in check.

So be consistent, it’s very well in your hands and it’s the type of thing, that can never slip. However, don’t be too hard on yourself for not being at your highest all the time. We’re only human, after all.

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