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The Teenpreneur Fellowship Program, in a nutshell.

This is where "be your own boss" begins.

Take it, or leave it.
The Teenpreneur Fellowship is more than just a mere fellowship. We’re trying to not only form communities but a scalable team effort brand. The sole idea of this fellowship rests upon networking and building relationships with the right people, doing the right thing.

On the basis of our form below, we analyze your personality type and suggest you roles that you pursue, in your school/university.

Always had a thing for designing but never had a platform? Good! We’re here for it. Always wanted to learn and master the art of selling & persuasion? Good! The Teenpreneur Fellowship is your platform for it. Always wanted to do copyrighting/content development, planning for a reputed brand? Good! This is your place!







We're all over the place. Are we in your institute yet?


There's of course more than this, but this is enough to entice you into it.

certificates & lors

Not any random certificates that hold low to average value, but ones that have a significance in the corporates. Ones, that have tie-ups with multiple others and ones that weigh way more than 10-random fellowship certificates combined. 

brand collaborations

Individuals associated with Teenpreneur (this program in particular) shall have direct contacts with brands and agencies we are partnered with. Meaning, if you choose to start your own thing tomorrow, our resources shall be at your disposal all the time, lifelong.

paid internships

We know you’ve given your all to fellowships and organizations that have asked you to sell courses and event tickets without pay. Well, we disguise that here at Teenpreneur. Once we see the potential packed in you, you’ll be entitled to receive various paid roles within & outside the company.

travel & Goodies

Being associated with Teenpreneur and go home empty-handed or experience-deficit? Well, we take care of this first! From free merch all the way upto free flights & tours, we have it all planned for all of you!

We're not just an organization that would stick with you till you graduate, we & our resources stick with you, all life long.


Prove that you have real people working for you, with some nice looking profile pictures and links to social media.

Ashley Simmons

Project manger

Tonya garcia

Account Manager

Jason Lane

Business Development


What students think about The Teenpreneur Fellowship!

Finding a perfect platform to build myself along with being able to achieve my goals for future was something I thought I can’t work on together, but with Teenprenuer Fellowship Programme it just dosent seem like a problem anymore. As a college student being able to learn new skills and earn at the same time is so simplified that you’ll wonder why didn’t I have a platform like this before.
I am beyond elated to be a part of something this great.

Shivani Yadav

A complete package! This fellowship program has all that the hustle community needs. Utterly creative at it’s core and offering so many perks! Such a needed program for me in times of insane competition! I’m so thankful to have come to this webpage!
A true initiative by a hustler for hustlers and of the hustlers. Can’t wait to explore more!

Diksha Vashisht

This program gives you a platform to practice your skill which helps you realise your true potential. The network of hustlers with various skills is of tremendous value. The best part about this is they don’t charge you money to do your thing. All in all, this platform is the only thing you require to get that one opening you want to take your skills to the next level!


Rohit Parakh



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