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“You know what, it’s 11:30, it’s my chance to correct my sleep cycle, lemme go to bed early.”

“Lemme have a sip of water”

“Ugh, crap, how do I forget to turn off light every time?”

“Finally, finally, peace all night.”

“Wait I’ll just check Instagram to see if she replied to that comment on her post.”

“Oh wait, a new upload from him, lemme watch this quick, just 6-minutes”

“Instagram, one last time”

“Oh god, it’s 1 AM?!” “I’m shutting this down now”

“Why the hell can’t I fall asleep yet it’s 3:30 AM?”

And, that’s how you give up and start with your Netflix or something else that deprives you of another solid 2-hours.

But why didn’t you feel sleepy or tired at 12? That’s how we fall asleep doing college days right? By feeling tired? Well, its quarantine and as we all know, we have nothing to fall tired to. So it’s completely understandable if you’re unable to drift off to sleep. But Akshat hold up, doesn’t the human body get tired of just 18-hours of being awake anyways? Yeah, it does. Then where am I going wrong with this? Oh wait, is it the phone?

Yes but not entirely. Okay, here’s why. Your phone does emit a crap ton of blue light which is a massive reason for not being able to fall asleep but that’s just cliché to the core. Here are two main reasons why:

  1. When you browse your phone right before bed, it tends to increase your brain activity or brain waves as you seem to be reacting to a lot of different types of content. Someone’s celebrating their birthday, someone complaining about their lazy day. There’s just a mix of things you see people posting and well, it’s not in your control! So just, don’t use social media before bed. You may surely use your phone, browse twitter or watch a Netflix show in fact. You may also read a book if you wish (but make sure it’s fiction as non-fiction will massively increase your brain waves, resulting in a really hard time falling asleep).
  2. The second one is one of my favorites and something that has changed my everyday massively. I also have seen myself recommend this to a lot fo friends whenever we came to talk about how screwed their sleep schedule has been lately. So here’s the thing- it’s caffeine. No, I’m not insane, I’m not gonna ask you to stop drinking coffee! Of course not! Just, time it right. Do not drink coffee after 6 PM in any case.

Here’s what happens when you take caffeine after 6:

  • 6 to 8 PM, you get the rush and yeah, it’s good.
  • 8 PM onwards, the rush fades away.
    • It fades away until the point of what I’d like to call as the “hello-again rush”
      What happens here is, when it’s time for bed, 11:30 PM or 12, it hits again. And this time, it’s the ability to alter with our brain waves is massive. And that’s not good for falling asleep. However, if it hits while you’re asleep, you may have amazing deep sleep periods which can result in a really happy and healthy rest to the body.

So yeah, time it right. Take your last cup at 4 PM or max 5 PM and try reading your body patterns. You’ll be stunned to know how much of it is actually in our control. Believe me, a lot is.

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