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What is passion? Is it inbuilt, meaning does it come with you when you’re born or is it cultivated on its own over time? The answer is none. In this podcast, I’m going my best to help you understand what the word “passion” exactly means and the one simple-easy to follow formula on how to recognise and spot your passion with zero effort.

My name is Akshat Gupta and you’re listening to the 26th Episode of The Teenpreneur Digest. If you’re new here, chances are you’re unaware of the insanity that goes over on my Instagram. I’ll give you my username in the end- but first and foremost- listen very clearly to the simple mind-bending facts you already know but fail to recognise.

A lot of people say “find your passion”. Well, I think passion comes from a combination of two things. Curiosity and being really open to trying something out, and when you find it upto your liking, going all in into that one thing by your own self rather than anyone else having to poke you to do it.

Doing something passionately, means doing something without any caps. Passion is a man-made word. But look at it this way- is there something you do in your everyday that you don’t need constant reminders for? What is it? Is it reading your ongoing book? Is it the extra mile you run? Is it the extra one thing you add in your canva design to make it look a little better? Heck, is it playing video games? Well if any of the answers to the previous questions were yes and gave you the urge to tap out of listening to this and do that thing, you’re passionate about whatever that it was. Recall, sit and recall as to what’s that one/two/three things and make a list.

Make a list like we did in 2nd or 3rd grade. I’m serious, make a list and title it:

I’m passionate at

And write down everything that you tend to go an extra mile in without yourself knowing. This, will help you acknowledge those activities. Before you know, you’ll be penning down your subconscious onto the paper! It can even be waking up at 6am, if that’s you! An urge to waking up early is a thing and I feel it on an everyday basis- well, because of the pen-paper exercise, I realised I’m passionate at a lot of things and one of them surely is waking up early.

Whatever feeling that activity might impart, it doesn’t matter. Feeling of accomplishment, superiority, whatever, if you do it on your own, without reminders and sheer interest and see yourself going all in whenever you do what you do, you sir/ma’am, are passionate about that thing.

I’m glad to be the one who could point it out for you. My Instagram handle, is I implore you to join what goes on there. I hope you have the best day ahead, and yeah, I’ll catch you in the next one.

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