Gone are the days when playing games was just considered time and money squandering. 

It’s 2018 and eSports will mature to $1.5 billion business industry by 2020.
It’s something which is hard to understand for lot of parents, gaming is not a “sport” sport, and requires lot of time investment for proficiency to flourish.
No matter if you haven’t played any game for decades, this is your guide to eSports


In a lay man terms, eSports is any game which can be competed at a professional level.
The games that are played are skill oriented, team based and sometimes region specific.
eSports might be a new thing for many people, but this thing dates back to 19 October, 1972 for a game Spacewar at Stanford University. Hard to believe right?


Generally, the two types of genres that dominate the eSports market is the
  • MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena)
    Example: Dota 2, League of Legends
  • FPS(First person shooter)
    Example: Counter-Strike, Battlefield.
The new category that has spiked everyone is the Battle Royal category with more than 100K viewers on Twitch every now and then. The Battle Royal category includes game like Player Unknown Battleground, quite known as PUBG and Fortnite. Both of the games are highest viewed games on twitch as of April, 2018. MOBA is second popular esport category with League of Legends leading in 1st quarter.


eSports is a multi-billionaire market, the prize pool itself goes in million $. Many companies are investing in eSports and funding players who are good at game. Even if a player doesn’t compete for eSports event, they are active on Twitch, streaming their favorite game. They make money from advertisements, sponsors, and donations. Donation averages around 4-5 thousand $ for a known streamer.
The number of player base of a game is directly proportional to more people watching your stream.
So from a business perspective its important to know the market of games, and it’s player base.


As many of us know, Twitch and YouTube Gaming are the biggest streaming services in world. Twitch is leading with many streamers exclusively posting on Twitch, whereas YouTube Gaming recently following up with style like Twitch. There are almost 509K Twitch streamers that have streamed this year, with more than 15 average viewers at any given point of time.
Here’s a simple graph comparing two streaming services.

Bottom line, eSports is a serious career that can be taken into consideration if you’re into gaming. The basic approach to start is to start putting out content. If you’re not doing that, its hard to see the results, but if executed correctly, it might bring you some happiness for sure though.

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