Passionate about learning, Palak is currently pursuing Computer Sciences as a career. She also has a deep hunger for reading. Apart from her ability to learn and adapt quickly, her secret fantasy is definitely the Twilight series. She is all about believing that her thoughts matter and they are something that need to be put out to the world.

‘Giving Up’

Two basic words which combine together to form an off-turning phrase and something that’s profoundly heard in our surroundings. In almost every scenario, we come across people who give up easily on things. Whether it be work, people, relationships, job or business. But when giving up, what they don’t realize is giving up, isn’t a solution (it might be at times but most of the times it is not). Instead, it is just an escape plan that they’d choose if they’d chose to give up on something.

Moreover, giving up and stopping yourself from accomplishing something in particular only shows how weak of a person you are and also that you didn’t try enough to work things through. You’re doubtful and you never know when fate turns on the light for you.

If you plan A fails, go reach out for other options you got instead of limiting and stopping yourself.

Something that’s really disturbing is, there exist people and most of the times, there are people who give up before even trying. They do this because of the inferiority complex that they’ve been suppressed under- which is more likely created or brought forward by their own close friends or family. At this moment, they tend to forget what they’re about. Meaning, they forget their ‘thing’ and move onto other things that might not be as special to them. Instead of moving onto other things like a failure/a person who hasn’t tried hard enough, stick to your things.

Stick to your things and decisions and showcase what you’re made of and what you truly are. And once you stick through the process and get success in ‘your thing’, no one is stopping you from winning on it further. Always remember your potential and the way you see yourself is what you should be living for instead of focusing and being in resonance with other people’s expectations. So pack your idea bag and board the success train without wasting another second. So by this time, you know that it’s probably not a good option to quit things or give up on them based on other people’s opinions.
But, what next?

Life has never been easy. And it is definitely not as easy as deciding not to give up and simply don’t because you read an article that says you shouldn’t. All you gotta do is work hard, stay determined. The way this can be done is by keeping up with an inspiration/role model who motivates you helps you to keep going.

If your plans, however, fail to work, then go do something that gives you enough confidence to help you believe in yourself and your strengths.
And once you come back to the hard part again, you should have enough confidence to realise that it is definitely a good idea to leave no stone unturned. Talking about steps and stones, always remember to consider your failures your most necessary stepping stones.

I’ll conclude this with a quote I and probably you too, have read several times but weren’t able to interpret the right meaning. It says,

Die trying, but never give up.


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