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How many times has it been that we’ve not been able to do what we talk about?

Let’s agree. We all talk. And as a matter of fact, we all talk way more than we work. And this specific human behavior results in dissatisfaction and lost self-esteem.

Winning is, of course, a big part of the equation. Winning- is why we do what we do. We do everything, to win, to prove it to the world, to prove it to ourselves and most importantly, to remain satisfied. It is, of course, important for one to celebrate the small wins and keep adding em’ up until it’s a big rock that’s in hand. But do we really win all the time?

Is it so easy to win? If no, ever thought why?

Lemme suggest. It is because you haven’t guilted yourself enough to win. When was it the last time you over-promised something and under-delivered? Probably happened yesterday or the day before when you promised yourself to do the groceries and the car repair the same day but couldn’t.

Here is how I guilted myself to do just that. Not only the repair and groceries but anything that had to be done (really had to be done). It might be making sales, it might be completing a blog post or anything. Here is exactly how I guilted myself to make Five T-shirt sales in less than 8 hours.

I knew it was pretty difficult for me to do this because almost everyone had bought the same T-Shirt already before and I just ran out of people to pitch my T Shirt to. Here is how I guilted myself-

  1. So I go to my grand-mom and tell her that I had just sold two T-Shirts and I’m buying myself Pizza tomorrow.
  2. I call up my best friend and tell her that I just made five T-Shirt sales and that I was taking her to a movie tomorrow.

Analyze what I just did there? You must be saying, “But I just lied”. Isn’t it?

Well, technically, yes, I did lie to them. And I was guilty.

Catch that? I was guilty.

What else could I do to clean my guilt-infested-hands than to ACTUALLY make five sales? And that’s what I did. I joined several Facebook groups in my niche and DMed (Direct Messaged) a little over 100 people that night. The majority wouldn’t reply and the ones who did ended up making the purchase. This not only helped me reach my sales target but also exceed them as a percentage of the audience who wasn’t interested in the product earlier or the percentage of the audience that could not see my message on time- also ended up buying the tees later.
I told this to one of my friends and he laughed at how stupid I was to even do this. But the prior to that day, I was the one who had the money in my pocket, not him.

The idea I’m trying to get across from my real-life example is how I guilted myself to succeed and reach my sales target.

For obvious reasons, this might not be the case for you or this isn’t how you’re going to do things. The point I’m trying to get across is,

Over-promising isn’t bad when used the right way and for the right purpose.

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