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In today’s world, one can fake a lot of things. However, there always remains 3-things a person can never fake-

  1. A good fight
  2. Comedy
  3. Happiness

I’ll leave the first two alone because one might or might not be naturally good at them. But the third one, is something we’ve all felt. Happiness. At some point in our lives, we’ve felt it. And we’ve enjoyed it. And we know exactly what it is. We’ve loved being in the moment of that happy minute. I want you to take a deep breath. An easy deep flow of air through your lungs. Do it now. Do it as you read this text. And think of one of those times, when you’ve felt absolute happiness. There might be many such times or, just a few. But never none. Mmyes, a few of you might not want to recall a few of those times. I completely agree, and I ask you to leave them alone.

Because what you don’t have, at present is not your happiness and it’s certainly not what this audio is about. It’s about the things you do have. At present. Realizations, that, just keep you alive. We all have them, it just takes a really bad moment to come and make us realize all the other good things in our life.

Has it ever happened that after a big storm passes through your life or every day, you simply start cherishing the good things you already possess? Yes, it has. And it has happened a lot of times. It’s just, we all were too engulfed in watching other people trying to fake happiness on their social media pages.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to take a step back to take one simple step forward. Make a list of things that give you happiness. That makes you feel good. Then, another one, of all those things that make you feel like your happiness is smaller than what you felt. The triggers, the insecurities- list them down. Believe me, I want you to write them down. One happiness list, and another, the blackhole list.

Why the black hole, because it sucks in all the positivity you have within you. I have been there and believe me, you simply must acknowledge this list.

Once you find the courage to write down these things, you’ll be in the top 0.8% of people in the entire world.

And here’s what you’ll realize once you jot these lists down- the happiness that you feel, comes from the things you already have. And most often, they are taken away by the meaningless individuals or things that may or may not be your enemy but are so hell-bound on cascading their negativity and insecurities onto you. You’re really one of a mind and this universe is pleading you to appreciate the things that it put together for you and for you to realize that your happiness lies in the things that you already have.

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