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It’s a sure deal that the person who has a loud voice is heard. Wheather or not that person’s voice is taken into consideration is a different matter but the person who knows how to come up-front wins easier than the one who doesn’t show up.

In today’s time, in 2018, smartphones, communication and technology is booming. It is making everyone, people of all age groups engage in numerous activities. The internet has brought forward a stage with no limits. In fact, everyone has got the loudest voice over it. Social media, is helping big time in connecting the youth and even professionals carry forward their social life in a different manner. Although these platforms are helping everyone connect and share their message across and house the loudest but equal voice, there’s a big deal of introverts being created in the process.

Teens use social media like no other age group. For sure they do, and there’s no problem in it. The problem lies in the fact that they use social media and on a whole, their ‘smartphone’ to cover up from the live world which is running in front of them. Let’s agree that it is way harder to approach someone in person than it is to do online. There is absolutely no problems with that either. What is not right, is these teens or people who’re used to interacting on an online platform, and who have one of the loudest voices on their Facebook profiles come out to be extreme introverts when it comes to speaking in public or even meeting someone new for the first time.

Think about this, when was the last time you were in an elevator or an escalator? Maybe not a 2-3 floor elevator but at least 6 floors up and you have a bunch of other people in the elevator? Data says that more than 80% of the individuals have pulled out their smartphones in even two-floor elevators to escape the social tension that builds up in them. I myself have seen more 90% of the people in metro trains being plugged in and staring at their smartphone screens. Not even for half a second do they consider to look around or make eye contact with a stranger.

Teenagers are clearly using this tool to cover up the insecurity and the social tension that builds up in them while they’re in public. While all they should be doing is interacting with the environment. I’m not asking you to go say hello to the stranger next to you (you can, too!) or go talk to the lady next coach. All I’m suggesting is to not pull out your phone for no reason. Need to check the time? Wear a wristwatch, don’t have a wrist watch, ask the time. Take a moment, stop and look around. You never know the surrounding you travel in every day might have something so important to show/teach you but all you’ve been doing is looking at your phone.

These little tricks like- not pulling out your phone too often, not being plugged into music all the time at public places, not taking out the phone in an elevator, etc are the only trigger to your social anxiety. There is simply an extremely thin line between an introvert and an extrovert. It’s just that we find it a hard time to just have that breaking click across the slimline. Once you get used to living in the present and observing your environment and the way people talk and react differently, you’ll subsequently find it getting easier for you to talk to new people and interact based on the situation. Not only in the metro, anywhere, even if you head to the supermarket, you can easily spot a number of teens having their phones out or plugged in. Look, I understand it’s fun to listen to music while watering the plants, I know it’s fun to listen to music while riding your cycle or while jogging early mornings, I get that. All I’m trying to do here is to implore you to stop pulling out that brick unnecessarily out of your pockets.

The way you could atleast start your journey of becoming an extrovert is to talk with your mouth, not with your fingers on a text message.

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