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Quite a lot of you have heard the following (and a little too often):

– “He/she just got lucky.”

– “She’s such a lucky person.”

– “He probably just gets lucky every time.”

Well, sure, the person you call ‘lucky’ might just not be there by other people calling him ‘lucky’. Getting straight to the point, you get lucky by putting yourself in the state of getting lucky.

Sounds broad and weird? No worries, It’ll all make sense in the next 5-minutes. Let me quickly wrap this up by giving you an everyday example to better explain to you what the above bold characters mean.

Let’s say there are Jack and Alissa. Both, are 17 and are hunting ways to making them a little extra cash during their school time. Both are well above amateurs in graphic design (creating banner arts, editing images and creating adverts). When both of them reach college, they have an extra hour to start with their first period of the day. While Jack mingles with his friends discussing the previous night’s football game, Alissa decides to just greet her friends and take the corner and the extra hour to post about her skills on her Facebook profile.

Their classes start and here’s lunchtime. During Lunch, Jack, decides to play football at the school ground while Alissa, decides to spend a little calculated time with her friends and then go over to random Facebook groups to post about herself and how she can benefit any business owners or individuals with her graphic design skills. After school, Jack takes his skateboard home (reaching home an hour after Alissa due to hanging out with his friends at the food shop). Meanwhile, Alissa learns about having a LinkedIn account and creates one. Both had tuitions and study time until 8. After 8, Jack finally gets started with the first baby steps of acquiring a client for his services.

This goes on for more than a month and finally, one day, (yep, you guessed it), Alissa lands a client who paid equal to her home tuition fee! And all this, only to hear Jack say ‘You just got lucky’.

Well, now, guys, did you see what I tried to show you there? It’s not about Alissa being ‘lucky’. Of course it was! But it’s Alissa who landed herself onto this block of time where she got lucky by working harder than Jack. She had the same time as Jack, everything between them was similar but their mindset and priorities. Hence, summing up and now actually reaching the entire motive of this blog post-

Here’s how you get lucky:

  1. By defining- “What’s your definition of luck? What would happen in your life so you could call yourself ‘lucky’?”
  2. By giving yourself more chances than average.
  3. By realizing that all you need out of those 100 tries is one to work out.

And the one answer to all the points mentioned above is working hard. The only way you get lucky, in 2019, with so much competition around you, is by working hard. No substitute for hard work. Moreover, it takes a level of maturity and understanding to realize that you’re working for something that will change your lifestyle and give you status in life and why should that be easy?

For all you college teens reading this, you’re in a college/university where every single one of you is learning the same thing, being evaluated on the same tests and metrics, and moreover, running for the same jobs in your 3rd Year. Either you outwork everyone else around you and be the king (which of course is exactly what your parents and your teachers expect from you), or, work hard for yourself, on yourself and put yourself into the position

to get lucky.



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