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Want me to cut straight to the chase? Great, there is no simple answer to this but here’s what works for me. Bite-sized learnings. It’s said that even when you’re full after eating your heaviest meal, and can take no more, one could eat the same amount of meal if they break in down into 10 times smaller pieces. So simply, anything divided into small portions of intake, is easier to complete- in this case, learn. From learning a programming language to piano lessons, DO NOT try to block out 2-3 or even one hour for it. 30-mins. 10-mins. Heck, even as little as 5-minutes is insane progress. That’s how I learned the guitar this quarantine!

Here are a few upsides if you do the 5-minute trick:

  1. You’re stupid if, you fail to spare time in spite of dedicating just 5-minutes for practicing your skill. You don’t deserve to listen to this podcast if you’re complaining here.
  2. It’ll always, always easier to digest
  3. You feel accomplished for some real progress you make every day

The best fact about this and something that’s often misinterpreted is, everyone thinks it takes a lot to keep something going. Wrong, it does take persistence to keep going but why are you doing that thing anyways if your persistence is being tested? Shouldn’t you be naturally attracted to the thing you’re trying to learn? Try answering these questions after one week of vigorous persistence. Now, of course, there will be times when you’ll just procrastinate, and not really get whatever it is that you need to get done or learn. In that scenario, here are a few things you could do:

  1. Associate a few YouTube videos (videos that inspire you or compelled you to learn that thing) and watch them whenever you wanna start.
  2. Use social media to your advantage. Hold yourself accountable for it. Put out a story with a deadline, it kills within to see that you couldn’t live up to your word.
  3. Tell someone about it in the moment you feel really pumped about the thing. And let that one person in your life be associated with just that thing. And the rest, you know, whenever you have a feeling of self-doubt or procrastination, simply follow up with that friend! I’m sure the topic will come up. Remember, it’s better to have a long 10-minute conversation to motivate yourself to do something you’ve to do for even 5-minutes. Take it as 15-minutes in total. 10-minutes of motivating yourself to persist for the next five.

Now don’t get me wrong, just because you procrastinate on learning something, doesn’t mean you’re not cut out for it, it’s just human tendency and it’s okay. Just, don’t go hard on yourself. Enjoy the process and be okay with whiling away a day or two doing something completely different from what’s planned. It’s the sheer uncertainties in life, that make life more interesting and exciting. Now here’s a banger if you stuck till here and I want you to be really true to yourself, during the duration of this podcast, what are the one or two things that were constantly in your head that you wanna start learning or doing? Perfect. Now drop this, and do your first 5-minute google search on “How-To”.  Thanks a lot for tuning in and I wish you the best, in whatever this podcast has inspired you to learn. Have a good one.

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