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It’s already enough, the places where I’ve heard, flip a coin, make your decision, and don’t ever look back on it. Well, I agree with the ideology here. I mean, there is just no point to think so hard over every decision we make and simply, go forward with what we feel like doing. That’s, in fact, the best way to go about it but wait. Flip-a-coin? What are you dumb to leave a decision that was so important & difficult that you had to leave its fate to the gravitational pull of the coin? If you have done that before, I’m here to save you. And if you do it anytime after listening to this podcast, god save you. Because today I’m going to tell you the best way to make the right decision in any possible scenario.

Here it is- and, don’t kill me for it please, it requires a coin. And I am going to ask you to flip it. But wait, before you scream “what a hypocrite” in your head, hear me out. You will think of the two options and you’ll flip the coin. However, only this time, it won’t matter when the coin has landed down. It’ll matter when it’s in mid-air. And that one-second, the second of the coin flipping in the air, listen to what your heart is hoping for. And that- is what you need to do regardless of whatever the fuck the coin says.

But Akshat, what was the point of flipping a coin then, and why just listen to the heart and not to the brain in that one second?

Well, my dear, I have news for you- your mind stopped working the second you decided to flip a coin to make a decision. So if you had to leave a vital decision to the fate of a coin, why not listen to your heart instead? What option do you have in that one second but to listen to it? And well, what was the point of flipping the coin? It’s simple and I’ll repeat it once again if you couldn’t figure it out already. Some decisions, our brain simply gives upon. It doesn’t work all the time and especially not in our favor always. But our heart and our gut, portray best of what’s right for us. I’m sure you’ve heard them say, always do what “feels right”. And you don’t feel from your brain, you feel from your heart. So flip a coin, not for the purpose of seeing it land on the bed with a choice it made for you. But for that second when it’s in air, and you decide which side you’re on. The only thing left then, would be to accept it.

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