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There is always a creative activity or two that everyone enjoys doing. Maybe it’s writing, drawing, painting or singing. As a child,  we’ve all had something deep down that kept our creative brain active.

The real question here is, “Have you lost that creative instinct in you?” IF you respond, “yes” or believe that you were better off creative as a kid, this blog post is for you.

First, let’s define creativity. According to, ‘creativity’ is defined as “The use of imagination or original ideas to create something”. And this creativity, in most cases is a highly productive side of a person.
And the real problem is, without realizing the essential role of a creative side in one-self, people start categorizing such activities as a ‘waste of time’ or ‘unproductive’.

Especially in a teenager’s life, when there’s school, tuitions, and homework, things start to really stress up- which eventually tend them to leave behind their creative instincts. Hence, you often don’t get to see that wonderful 8th-grade poet as she approaches 12th or you don’t get to see that 11-year-old guitarist playing the guitar so beautifully in college.
School, has killed hobbies. While it promises to give you a bright future with a good money job, there is nothing today’s education system is doing for bringing out the creative side in a child- rather, just demolishing it.

So what should you do? Is there a way you could keep your creative instincts alive? Is there a way you could still work on your real proud-stress releasing strengths? And the best part, “Can you make money out of it?”

The answer is of course, yes. In today’s world where technology, being ONLY about 20-25 years old, is taking the lead. There is not a single barrier between you and the thousands or millions you could reach- and all this, with just a few clicks.
So let’s say you write. And you’ve got no time to write. You sing, but you’ve got no setup to sing. You draw but all your drawings are termed ‘worthless’.

Let’s start with my own example. I used to write- amazingly. (I still do! Thanks to the tricks I’ve talked about here)
And I too was in grade 11 when I felt the pressure of studies and couldn’t keep up with my writing. I was extremely worried about losing one of my most essential skills. I was scared that I’d lose the creative hand, I was scared that I’d lose my writing style. And it was really hard for me at that point in time to maintain my blog and write consistently.
At that point, I knew TWO THINGS.

  1. I HAD TO start writing again to not lose or weaken the skill.
  2. I HAD TO get my message across people and educate them as much as I can.

There was just not a single opportunity that I wanted to leave behind that involved the internet. So here’s what I did.

I reached out to all my friends/folks who owned blogs and were looking out for writers. And I offered them the idea to work with me. Looking at my pre-existing dead blog, a few of them were extremely happy with my writing style and in no time, they counted me in their team as a writer or a “content-contributor”. By simply asking people and offering them my work, I was not only back on track to keep my art in-tact but had also created an income stream for myself. Although I just needed to follow my passion of writing and getting my message across people, the subconscious magic of following my passion made me money along the side. (Which should answer everyone’s question as they asked me- ‘how do you make money?’)
I just did what I loved doing.
Now you might debate, “But Akshat, we don’t have the time for the writing.”
Guys! That is why you’re writing for someone else and not maintain a blog! Being a blogger, I agree, maintaining a blog and the article flow takes time. Administrating your own blog-business does takes time. But that isn’t what we’re doing here! We are finding barely half an hour or 45 minutes for a hobby to contribute a tiny 500-word article to a friend’s blog and bingo- in exchange for money! How better could this get? Have you ever got yourself paid for doing something you love? This was impossible, until now- with the power of the internet.

And to all those people who’re saying “45 minutes? Um, I’m not sure cuz I’m really busy”.
You people, are telling me, you did not waste an hour browsing Facebook on the bus?
You people, are telling me, you did not over-sleep?
You’re telling me, you did not waste a single second of your day?

If yes, you’re already doing what you love and you shouldn’t be worried about anything else.
Or, if you still say ‘yes’ and are lying to yourself from inside, it’s high time you get your sh*t together.
And honestly, if you cannot find time for your hobby, that is not your hobby anymore- browsing Facebook is. And the funny thing is, browsing Facebook can make you money too. Funny, isn’t it? I’ll soon show you how. Just make sure to follow me on my Instagram for the new article updates.

I am not compelling you to make straight money out of this but at least do.


Even though internet makes it comfy and easier to help you keep yourself in tune with your hobbies, what’s more to it is, it’s even easier to monetize your passion.

Article on that soon. Follow me on Instagram for updates!

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