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It’s said and I believe that your life depends on the choices you make. There are no good or bad choices, however. A choice always works in your favor whether you believe it or not. It all comes down to how much clarity one has while making those choices. Some choices, that happen to be practically or morally wrong, can result is greater positive outcomes than making the right choices always. It all comes down to clarity of one’s thought at that instant of making a choice.

It’s often that we find ourselves emotionally bound to a happening or an idea. And this emotional binding between us and our to-be made decision affects how we behave in the present. To put it in simpler words, you have to step aside from who you are in the moment and look at your life or an instant of your life from a third-person view. You will have to become an observer, before a participant to ensure clarity of the situation. I’ll make this a little more vivid by adding in a tiny personal experience-

Whenever I’m in a conversation with anyone and there comes a point where there’s an exchange of emotional energy taking place, I make sure to slow my talking pace and spend more time processing the two of us as a third-person view. I simply do not get engulfed in the emotional part of the conversation- which allows me to think clearly about the situation. I will fail to read you correctly if I think through the emotional curtain in my brain. Detaching yourself from the situation, helps you make unbiased decisions and weigh out any chances of making the wrong choices. A wrong choice is simply one, that’s made during the absence of an individual’s consciousness in the moment of making the decision.

Detaching from the situation also allows you to see the problems and ways of moving forward with something. Life or business, one has to step aside from his/her role to assess the clarity of it. It’s surprising how many of us are doing things with zero clarity on an everyday basis.

Whenever you’re reading this, I want you to take a step back to take 2-steps forward and think of various aspects of your life from a third-person point of view. You’ll find that you’ve not only been taking meaningless decisions but also are holding grudges against people you could really love and fear from few things that you could really enjoy doing or even mitigate a massive business expense that’s just not required.

Detach and observe. Achieve clarity and act.

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