Passionate about learning, Palak is currently pursuing Computer Sciences as a career. She also has a deep hunger for reading. Apart from her ability to learn and adapt quickly, her secret fantasy is definitely the Twilight series. She is all about believing that her thoughts matter and they are something that need to be put out to the world.

In today’s fast growing world, what adds up to more than half of one’s personality is his/her ability to express themselves. Speaking skills is definitely something each and every one of us should learn/know about.

When it comes to me, I’m not a good speaker myself. But I’ve never said ‘no’ to learning either because I think and completely believe that my thoughts and words matter and they carry a huge meaning & importance. Moreover, I feel everyone’s thoughts carry a deep meaning and this is something everybody should realize (which they don’t). Someone once said, “Actions speak louder than words”. This holds completely true, but remember- when your words really say, they can bring an impactful thunderstorm.

Many of us (including myself), think- “What if I express and they find fault?” or “What if they cross-question me and I go blank?”. These thoughts are common to an introvert and this is the main reason why we tend to hide from the lights. I’d suggest, for a small start to your journey to becoming an extrovert that you are, share your little things to someone you trust. It might not necessarily be a group of 2, just one. Make sure that one person is an excellent listener. As a matter of fact, the only reason I’m able to write this article is because of that one person, who compelled me to.

Speaking out and sharing your thoughts always helps you grow. When you speak or when you say your stuff out to other people, it not only helps you build confidence as an introvert but moreover, it helps you get a clearer vision of your plans and ideas. There is no harm in speaking wrong or in an incorrect speech or manner. The actual self-harm happens when you don’t speak at all. Always remember, the one person who speaks has the power to outwork the whole group of folks who don’t.

Let’s agree- everyone likes to give their opinions and views but the only difference is that some want to express by hiding their faces and some stand on stage overcoming the thought of being criticised by the public. When you are somewhere to speak and find yourself hiding from the lights and can feel the fear taking over you, think about the reason why you were to stand there in the first place. Think about the message that you so badly want to get across. There is no harm in standing up the stage and pouring your thoughts out. Even if you make mistakes, the audience human brain ain’t so powerful to remember the tiny tat mistakes you made while speaking. But it’s the legacy you create and the message you get across that they’ll forever remember.

It’s clear. The people who speak and possess the confidence to share their thoughts succeed more as compared to those who don’t. It is completely because they are confident in what they have to say and if not, they gain confidence in trying. People speak only when they believe in themselves and their message. If they know they’re right, at least 50% of the audience that’s listening to you would show interest in your words/thoughts because of what you’re saying is actually right. There is an extremely high chance that there is a seat or two in the audience that feels exactly the way you do and maybe what you say actually might make a huge difference in that person’s life.

Keeping yourself introverted and hidden, is not a solution to choke down this noisy world. And even if you don’t have things to say in particular, calm down and take time to think of ways and messages that you could spread which could help someone like you.


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