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No, it’s not what you think and I hope it’s not what you wanted. But here’s what I mean by killing your darlings. It’s a proverb used by legendary writers back in the time and it literally means, giving up things you love. But this, is a completely incomplete understanding of this beautiful phrase. It literally translates into the idea that sometimes, you need to stop doing things you love in order to nurture the one thing that matters most.

Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance put forth an ideology in one of Tim Ferriss’s book that the hardest decisions to make in business are those that disappoint people you care about. It’s not even a myth anymore but if there’s something you lead, and something you have the most love towards, business or people, you’ll have to take decisions so hard that the ones that will take the worst hit from those decisions are the other things you love most. And sometimes, you simply can’t prioritize between two things that interest you. If you have two/three things you’re solely into, it’s going to be a hard ride deciding the one to focus on in an instant. Especially if both the darlings require the same resources from you, it’s just a mess and you end up with neither one.

So if you’re running after two darlings, and both require the same resources to run, pick, one and give your all. Again, I’m not talking about a human-darling as giving your all in that scenario makes no sense as the outcome isn’t always going to be in your hands. Here, I’m only and only personifying your work, your business, or the few people you care about.

I’m going to leave today’s podcast open-ended. I really want you to introspect what or who came to your mind when you read the title ‘Killing your darling’. Beware, you’re super-vulnerable to that thing or that someone. Always weigh the odds and always have a plan of killing your darlings when the time comes. Or the one who’ll be killed, is you. And do not, ever be concerned or scared to give up something for something that you believe in more that the first something.

Ah, pretty open-ended, hun? I’ll leave you with your thoughts here. Enjoy.

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