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Welcome to your 30-Day training to LAUNCH YOUR DREAM!

Firstly, appreciate yourselves as you’ve taken the first step in achieving your dream. Starting a business is tough- no doubt about it. But getting stuck in a j-o-b that doesn’t feed your dreams and passions can be so much worse!

An initiative, is a change in itself. Lemme tell you what you will able to learn these 30 days. You’ll be able to learn how to develop ideas, build an audience, Construct an online presence, Launch a business, Master Social Media, Craft a beautiful brand and much more. As we’re starting from scratch the first step in becoming an entrepreneur is to define your passion. What is passion for you? Yeah, I hear you. It is unique for every one of us.

We typically use it to describe only things that we experience positively but The English Word “Passion” derives from the Latin word passion, which means “Suffering”. This is why Mel Gibson’s 2004 epic film about Jesus execution was titled “The Passion Of The Christ”. This doesn’t mean that our passions should make us miserable or lead to our early demise. But it does challenge the candy-coated definitions many of us come to accept.

‘Passion’, are those things that we love so much we are willing to suffer for them. It’s an experience to be coupled with words like pain, preparation, readiness, submission and loyalty.
So what do you love so much that you’re willing to do it even if it hurts you? This is the foundation of your life’s work. This is the soil from where your start-up grows. The former makes you a victim while the latter makes you a victor. Entrepreneurs must be willing to discover-and pay a price, to uncover their life’s most passionate mission.

Most entrepreneurs kmow what their purpose is, but they can’t put it in a concise sentence or two. As a result, their lives lack clarity and focus.

Cautions: The drafting process (as discussed on IG stories) shouldn’t be a quick one. It doesn’t have to sound smart either.

Having a clear and motivating purpose statement is critical to this journey. If you falter at the start, you’ll probably stumble before you finish.

All the best!

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