Yoshitha is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree. She has a keen interest in networking and trying new things. She likes to express herself as a passionate writer. She is often found accompanied by books of different genres. With an extremely outgoing attitude, she likes to chase challenges on her travel and an OCDiac.

We’ve heard about the saying “if you build it, they will come.” If I build a business, they believe, my audience will come. Unfortunately, it might be true fifty years before but in the modern marketplace, you need to find a team before you construct your business. Nothing is worse than watching an entrepreneur launch a business and then realize that nobody is listening. Once these starters realize they launched in the wrong order, they have to buy an audience through advertising, which is expensive.

So the key to building an audience in the modern marketplace is your content.

Build a social media platform for your company, try sending helpful weekly newsletters. Provide consistent social media posts across most networks that educate, elevate, and entertain your audience even when they’re not purchasing something from us. All of our content is connected to our whyology. Make it valuable and meaningful. In the modern marketplace, the money is in the audience. So don’t be afraid to give away free content. When you have people’s attention, you can sell almost anything. Make sure your marketing doesn’t seem like bribing.

Finding your online voice requires time. But the sooner you leverage your brand as a content platform to share your story in a useful and engaging manner, the sooner you’ll have a community of people who trust you. And when people trust you, they will buy from you.

If you build a business the right way, your audience will come. Because by the time you launch it, they will already be there.

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