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Yesterday we had discussed the Importance of building an audience but most of you have a common question- How often should we post an article or podcast or engage on social media?

The most important part about building an audience with content is not frequency but consistency. Start-ups have to appear as if they exist without pause. You must learn to produce, publish, and share content regularly. That doesn’t mean you’ve to work every day. For entrepreneurs, time is perhaps the only commodity more limited than money. So try to schedule your content into the future. But it must be appearing consistently. The key is to find a pace that you can sustain.

Consistent is not just about regularity either. You want to be consistent in your style. Consistent in your tone. Consistent in the topics you are covering and the imagery you’re attaching to it. Of course, consistency comes at a cost. You will be required to mark out your style, be intentional about topic choice. Meanwhile, you may have to learn new software or applications that will make these jobs easier. There are two parts to regularly releasing content: creating it and distributing it. But make sure it isn’t disturbing others. Learn to Write Interesting Headlines and Captions.

Brainstormed content that isn’t produced content is wasted content. And produced content that isn’t shared content is useless content. So learn to create consistently, and your start-up will be positioned for success.

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