Yoshitha is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree. She has a keen interest in networking and trying new things. She likes to express herself as a passionate writer. She is often found accompanied by books of different genres. With an extremely outgoing attitude, she likes to chase challenges on her travel and an OCDiac.

We’ve been thought that “it is the inside that really counts,” and this is true for life. But guys when it comes to business, the outside matters too. A lot. Everything from headshot to your social media grammar has to be intentional and visually pleasing. While the inside may matter in real life, when it comes to the Internet, the inside is irrelevant if the outside is ugly.

So Here are four critical components for you to build a beautiful website:

1) Killer Colors: Make sure to pick an “action color” for all your links, buttons, and rollover effects. Mostly, Orange and yellow or warm colors are the best. Make sure you use them consistently. Use the same button color for calls to action site-wide. Use the headline fonts only for headlines.

2) Intentional Images: The images on your site are as important as the words. Select the images for both content and quality. Check the license of the images you choose. Make sure that your images feel consistent over time and across the site.

3) Lovely Logos: First thing people notice on your website is your logo so make sure it is:
i) Timeless, so it doesn’t go out of style too quickly.
ii) Memorable, so that it lingers with your customers.
iii) Versatile, so that you can use it in different sizes and contexts.
iv) Appealing, so that your target audience likes it. Experimenting is good.

4) Simple Styling: Design your website with simple and familiar content. Remove anything that feels like an ad. Strip out anything that feels like spam.

Your business is only as valuable as people perceive it to be. And visuals translate into value.

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