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Customers move in the marketplace because of inspiration, not information. The only way to convince the customers to buy your products is to create a disruptive emotional trigger that makes them move. Here are six proven triggers that can propel your start-up to success:

1) People Move When They Feel Excited: Anticipation creates demand. And demand generates sales. Before you launch, make sure you announce the launch date. Put a countdown clock on your site, and make your product available early to influencers and members of the press. Then provide aspiring buyers with specific instructions for what they need to do. Combine specificity with curiosity, and you’ll generate excitement.

2) People Move When They Feel Affection: Customers say yes to people, products, and brands they like. If you want people to move toward your start-up, you need to generate feelings of affection toward your start-up. Persuasion science tells us how:
i) If you want to attract customers, your start-up needs to look and feel similar to them.
ii) We like people who pay us compliments. If you want to attract customers, your start-up needs to encourage and affirm them.
iii) If you want to attract customers, convince them to fall in love with what you stand for.

3) People Move When They Feel Obligated: When you give something to people, those people often feel they should give back to you. That’s the way humans are designed. Help people who have a large following on social media like writing a blog or them, or you send a gift to someone you’ll eventually be asking for an endorsement. When it comes time to withdraw your funds, you won’t be left empty-handed.

4) People Move When They Feel Invested: Make your customers feel invested. When they feel invested, they’re more likely to take the next step out of consistency. People like to be consistent with what they’ve previously said or done.

5) People Move When They Feel Comfortable: One of the best ways to make people feel comfortable and build trust is to create a sense of authority. The images you portray and words you use have to give a sense of authority and build trust so that they are more likely to give you the things they value, right from their time to their paycheck.

6) People Move When They Feel Exclusive: If you make people believe that the product or service you are selling is scarce, then they will feel exclusive. When they feel exclusive, they are more likely to move.

The same principles that guide your launch can help you plan your tenth-anniversary celebration. Keep them close.

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