Yoshitha is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree. She has a keen interest in networking and trying new things. She likes to express herself as a passionate writer. She is often found accompanied by books of different genres. With an extremely outgoing attitude, she likes to chase challenges on her travel and an OCDiac.

Ever heard of Word-of-mouth? We all do at least once. It is an under-rated form of marketing but you can’t imagine how powerful it can be. Word-of-mouth is an affordable, time-tested tactic that all entrepreneurs can use to grow their start-ups. It is just because People love to share stories, news, and information with those around them. Most of the entrepreneurs stumble by focusing their marketing efforts on collecting instead of connecting.

The secret to master this technique is based on the three E’s: engage, equip, empower.

1) Engage: Make sure you’re engaging with your potential customers often and deeply. Become a part of the conversation about your brand. Reply to their comments on your brand. Try to truly connect with them instead of using bots. The result is an army of talkative fans recommending your brand with joy.

2) Equip: Your customers won’t talk unless you give them something to say. Equip them with highly shareable stories by giving away sample products to potential customers or even giving remarkable customer service stories. Remember, people suggest only beauty so the way your business looks, feels, and acts must be nothing short of magnificent for the equip strategy to work.

3) Empower: A great empowerment tool is to provide a concierge service. Target a few influential customers and dream up something so incredible, they can’t help telling their friends about it. But make sure if you ask in the wrong way, your customers won’t perceive it as empowerment, but as exploitation.

When people share their positive opinions, it will make a difference in achieving your mission.

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