Yoshitha is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree. She has a keen interest in networking and trying new things. She likes to express herself as a passionate writer. She is often found accompanied by books of different genres. With an extremely outgoing attitude, she likes to chase challenges on her travel and an OCDiac.

Writing is one of the most influential qualities that every entrepreneur should possess. Words are the most specific way to communicate your business messages because only words have the ability to stand alone. So today I’m gonna tell you how you can arrange the best words in the optimal order to sell your products and convince prospective customers to take action.

Here are four foundations of good copywriting that will take your start-up to the next level:

1) Amplify Existing Feelings: Ever saw something on TV and yelled back to it. In the same way, ever read a book or a novel and speak back to it? Exactly, When you’re writing for your start-up, make people feel the emotions of the stories you’re telling. Relate your words to their memories and never use phrases like “Doesn’t that make you mad?”

2) Don’t “Sell” Savings: Research proves that asking customers to compare prices directly is a bad idea, but selling “time” is far more effective than selling savings. Referring to someones’ time with a product typically leads to more favorable attitudes and to more purchases. Don’t spend all your words in crunching numbers. Instead, speak to them in a way that lets them know you value what they hope to achieve.

3) Details Make the Difference: Carnegie Mellon University once set up a free DVD trail program that customers could register for. They tested it using two different phrases: “a $5 fee” and “a small $5 fee.” Surprisingly, the second phrase increased sign-up rates by more than 20 percent and made it easier to deal with conservative customers. So take the time to measure, improve, and track the success of your words. Changing just one word might add a few zeros to your bottom line.

4) Always Opt for Action: Marketers love adjectives. But overuse of adjectives can be problematic. Whereas, verbs are specific and are difficult to ignore, especially in a world where everybody describes themselves with the same trite adjectives.

If you want to an entrepreneur, you have to learn to write and like it. Remember, if you’re bored while watching it, people will be bored when reading it.

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