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Here is a question for you – Name the most important element required to stay in business? When a group of young entrepreneurs are subjected to this question, most of them said “profit.” But the most important element required to stay in business is “customers.” Without your customers, you’ll have no profit. Customer service is a reactive discipline, which means customers come to us when they have got a problem with our services which directly says that we’re failing. So successful entrepreneurs follow Customer obsession, by contrast, is a proactive discipline. Customer obsession is showing them that we care about them.

So, Here are five customer obsession principles every entrepreneur should live by:

1. Restore Respect: Speak to your customers the way you would want to be spoken to as a customer.

2. Live Up to Your Commitments: If you make a promise, you should keep a promise. If you’re forced to break it try to give more than they would have received otherwise.

3. Answer Immediately: You must work around the customers’ schedule, If you get any mail or message from them answer it right away.

4. Elevate People Over Policies: When a customer makes a request, do not reject it because of a policy. This tells them that you believe arbitrary words on a piece of paper are more important than their satisfaction.

5. Make No a Dirty Word: Your customer wants to hear you say yes. If you can’t give them right away, then find a way to give them eventually. If you reject to give them a yes, they’ll find someone who will tell them yes.

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