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In an era when too many companies worship the almighty dollar, if you want your start-up to be a standout, you need to live by the same principle which is followed by the exceptional companies with loyal customers and committed employees which is: Value People Over Profit.

A business that believes people matter works to give every employee respect. It values every customer, no matter how much they spend. Give responses to your customer manually. Make time for their feedback. A start-up that believes people matter may choose to source locally or at least to research the ethics in its own supply chain.

At first blush, this belief doesn’t sound innovative. It’s pretty simple. But people have struggled with this virtue since the beginning of time. Not to lie, not to manipulate or deceive, and not to mistreat those who have treated you poorly, these are behaviors humans struggle to resist. So maybe the simplicity and difficulty of this concept is also the secret to its power.

If you commit to this idea at the very outset of your start-up, it can form the rudder to keep you on course no matter how large you grow. Last but definitely not the least, To be a start-up that cares about people, you also need to make sure you are treating yourself well. After all, you’re a person too. Have a good day 🙂

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