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Somewhere between building the business and making customers happy, we often forget to appreciate the team which leads us to success. You’re their leader, so you must ensure they are excited and cared for, not tired, and underappreciated. You cannot forget to cultivate a great corporate culture, to be the kind of company the best employees would be proud to work for.

If you want to evaluate the health of your start-up’s culture, perform an audit. Ask anyone who works with you on a regular basis to answer these questions :

1) Do you feel that I appreciate you?
2) Do I maintain a high level of communication with every layer of our team?
3) Do I encourage you to be yourself and work within your natural talents and passions?
4) Do I provide ways for you to develop and grow and advance?
5) Do I weigh you down with complex or meaningless rules and policies?
6) Do you feel proud to be associated with our start-up?

You don’t have to have gobs of money to make team members feel they matter. On the other hand, communicate clear with potential employees during the hiring process. Be honest about what each employee was being hired to do and what would be required from him or her. You need to pay what they’re worth. And if you can’t pay them as much as you wish, make it up to them in other ways.

Become the start-up everyone wants to work for. Become the start-up people would take a pay cut to work for. Become the start-up that team members miss when they are on vacation.

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