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Launching a successful business is not as easy as signing a membership card. Your mindset matters. Preparation in the present is paramount to your success in the future. Launching a start-up means beginning a new season, it requires a time of intense preparation. Studies have shown that most often, those that fail early are those launched by people who skipped the critical work of preparation

So, Here are three tasks that should be on every entrepreneur’s prelaunch shopping list.

1.Know thyself
You must know all of yourself: the good parts and the bad. Before you launch a start-up, you should pause and take a hard look at your weaknesses. Once you’ve identified your weaknesses, work to eradicate them from your life. If you don’t, they may come back to haunt or hurt you.

2.Adopt a Rigorous Work Ethic
We have to accept the fact that when you launch your start-up, your work schedule will likely increase and your wage per hour will probably drop. Start-ups aren’t built with financial capital; they are floated down a river of sweat. Ask yourself which part of the day you need to give up for better ideation and development of your start-up

3.Learn to Manage Expectations
Because your schedule is going to change, you need to proactively manage the expectations of those who depend on you for social support. Let them be the persons who support you and keep you from overworking also make sure you don’t forget to have fun. Don’t pack your schedule to the brim. The margin is what we need to succeed.

If you were to summarize the three preparation points above with a single word, that word would be discipline. Implementing important disciplines during your preparation phase is not the easiest way, but it is the better way. The person who wants to start a business without doing the hard work of preparation will never start a business.

All the best!

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