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Congratulations, you have completed the first thirty days of the rest of your life. Entrepreneurs have a notoriously high failure rate, you won’t be a part of this statistic. You’ve made it to the end of this program, tapped into your passions, created a comprehensive business plan, and thought through every detail. You won’t make the mistakes others fall into. But even if you don’t face full-on-failure, you’ll still have to face difficulty. As you went into the storm, prepare to get knocked down.

The first step to remaining strong when the problems come is to anticipate them. Steady yourself in the calm seasons. Save money for lean times. Get ready before you need to be.

The three principles will help you withstand whatever comes your way:

1) Problems Equal Progress: All entrepreneurs must accept that problems are unavoidable, and the way you choose to handle them is critical. Knowing your capacity for dealing with difficulty and enlisting the help of your team to step in when you’re getting overwhelmed is crucial. Your capacity for solving problems can be expanded just by encountering them. With problem-solving, it’s not how long you’ve been doing it, but how many problems you’ve solved that counts.

2) Failure Is a Gifted Instructor: Failure will teach you more than any college professor ever will. But both instructors have this in common: their capacity to teach you is directly related to your willingness to learn. Lean into the problem’s lesson as you search for the problem’s solution. Learn from people who have already witnessed and helped resolve the conflict.

3) Success Is Often the Offspring of Failure: Success is better achieved when the leader is humble, and Failure has a way of keeping the ego in line. As you launch your start-up, remember that any time you’re attempting to add value, you will face difficulty.

Today, we conclude our thirty-day journey from fear to freedom. This is not a big day not only to you bust also for me. Because you’re proof that we can overcome difficulty. You are proof that problems are temporary. You are proof that failure is the real success. You are proof that anyone can create a business, movement, or idea that will change the world. Get out there and live your dreams.

I would like to thank ‘DALE PARTRIDGE’ who is the author of the book “Launch Your Dream” from where we’ve learned all these valuable lessons. 🙂

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