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Sounds cryptic or more like superhuman, right? That’s because it is. I really thank Reid Jots,  the co-founder of LinkedIn for igniting this thought in me through one of his blogs. A few podcasts back, we discussed how to easily make decisions using a coin flip and for anyone who hasn’t heard that one, it’s not cliché advice but something that’s just so real. I encourage you to listen to it once you’re through with this one.

But today is a little different- I’m about to tell you how I take most of the hard decisions that need insane thinking over and deep analysis. I usually jot down and ponder hard over the things I need to decide over half an hour before bed. For example- a design, an approach strategy, allocating roles and whom to delegate which task to- I list it all and go to bed just, thinking about those thoughts like 5-clouds in my brain. Each cloud, dedicated to one thought. I’ve seen that the kind of deep thinking one can do just before sleeping or lying in bed, one cannot do even in a meditation session- at least it’s this way for me. I then randomly start thinking of all the resources, challenges, or constraints related to each cloud in a very random manner. From cloud 1 to cloud 5, then to cloud 3, back to 2 then again to 5- it just keeps happening because you do not have complete control over your thoughts while you’re tucked in bed. And what’s better to use to your advantage?

By the time I fall asleep, I have assessed the situation so much that my brain has fallen tired and given itself up to sleep. Here, not only did I acknowledge and distribute my thoughts before sleeping, but I’ve also helped my body fall asleep quickly. And while one’s asleep, here’s what the brain does, it automatically connects our conscious to the subconscious and aligns the scattered clouds to what we really feel is right and by the time we wake up in the morning, it’s much much easier for us to pull the trigger and make the decision. And this has happened with all of us, don’t you feel how when you’re just about woken up from your sleep, you seem to accept literally anything that happens? A bad dream makes us upset and it seems so read whereas if we think about the same dream in the evening, we might even laugh at how stupid the dream was, but in the morning, we embraced it anyway. Well, let’s use this vulnerability of ours to our advantage.

I make the most important decisions of my day in the mornings, to be precise, right after bed. I write them down right where I jotted down the challenges and there you go, you’ve taken all the hard decision using the subconscious, supernatural power of your brain.

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