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“It’s so obvious that he’s gonna fail in life. His grades and his shy attitude makes it an obvious deal.”
“Akshat? He’s the last in class, obviously.”
“I don’t know who the topper of the class is, but it’s obvious who the last person is- isn’t it obvious enough?”

“I never thought I’d be discussing this level of business with you”
“I never thought we’d ever meet again”
“I never believed the fact that you could even make this work”

The above sentences are a few that makes me believe in the following phrase which I happened to type while I was told one of these, lately.

“There’s more of that happens that one does not see, than what one thinks is obvious.”

There have been times in my life when I think something would happen for obvious reasons but in the end, the theory is completely the opposite of what I initially thought. It’s about time, when my old lost friends have started calling, texting and heck even e-mailing me about “how I am doing in life”. Never heard from these folks in years and here they are, asking me if I were to release a guide or a course on things I am doing.

By no means, I want to disrespect these folks (in fact I appreciate you called by) but something that boggled my mind during the calls, texts was the thought that THESE FOLKS were exactly the ones who “predicted” my failure back in grade 9, 10, 11 and 12. Little did they know, that I knew me better.

Well, this post isn’t about me, it is about YOU, who himself/herself have started to believe in the “obvious” nature of the fact that you are no good. It doesn’t work that way. You have been manipulated by your haters to think that way. The reason that these guys are giving you “obvious” reasons for your failure is that these guys are the real obvious failures. What I mean by the quote above is that the majority things in our lives that we think would ‘definitely’ happen, don’t happen at all. In fact, things that we don’t even know about, adversities we don’t even think of, good times that we don’t even wish for, are the ones that our life seems to put in front of us. Today, if you think it is obvious that you’d stick with your relationships, you might but what I need you to understand, is IT ISN’T obvious. There is no factor involved, in anything, ever, which makes things in life obvious.

Getting back to the quote, the quote means, life will show us more of those things that we never imagined would happen to us, than those things that we thought would happen for obvious reasons. Often times, the things we wish for the hardest are the ones that starve us the most. On the other hand, we have something that someone else starves for, but still, you have it, for non-obvious reasons. That’s life.


Nothing is obvious and appreciate what you have.

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