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Hey teens, I have zero intentions to sound like a philosopher. Honestly, this post might not even be of interest to the majority of you- because simply,

it is not for the majority of you.

Who relate, would follow along anyways and who don’t wish to, are more than welcome to leave and wait for the next blog post from guest authors which might interest you.

And this post does not signify anything to anyone, personally. It’s just me, putting out my views, about only if… things were the way I think would be better for everyone. Not that I know anything different (or more) than those of you reading this, but just that, I guess I’ve had that ‘Ah’ moment in my life- when I’ve really come to realize (deeply) that this place, around you, around me, is what the people in it make.

And the reason I’m posting this up online is maybe because I feel the majority of you resonate with what I feel right now/ what I’ve come to realize. And that’s the core reason of this whole Teenpreneur thing, right? To spread the views, the awareness, the ‘what I think should be right’, because we’re teens and we all have different perceptions about different things in our lives. But what we often don’t realize is that the way we put together our thoughts might not be the same, but we subconsciously believe the same core idea. We believe the core idea, we spread and ‘talk’ about that valuable core trait/idea but sub-consciously (or wantedly enough) resist to apply the same in our own lives.

And that’s where it all messes up.

Let’s agree, we’re selfish AF. Everyone is. Nothing too fancy to hear that about yourself because you’re not “selfish” but, you’re selfish enough to be called ‘selfish’. Now, who’s calling you selfish? Me. And collect back what I said in the first paragraph of this blog?
“this place, around you, around me, is what the people in it make.” It’s me, a person, who’s calling you (another person) selfish. That’s because I have a set expectation of what a selfish person behaves like in my mind- not yours. Hence, everyone is different. In fact, relating to the last sentence, everyone is different with their definitions of being selfish as well.

Speaking of selfishness, it comes in different forms. The most common one, and probably the one that is the worst of all (worst to me) is lies. Why does a person lie? According to an article in the August 2018 edition of the Forbes India magazine, a psychologist stated that lie is something that humans say, sub-consciously- 80% of the time. And now what I feel, moreover, is, it isn’t about the person feeling guilty of something that results in a lie- it’s actually a result of being unsatisfied with the reality. Teens, are commitments that hard to make? Do you find a hard time following up with commitments? Because simply, a few things in life, that happen, are a commitment. YOU pick them (initially). But sooner or later, you crave for more/better of what you yourself picked. A better boyfriend, a better girlfriend, a better house, a better (but a costlier) car, etc.
Not that you didn’t choose all the above-mentioned things with immense interest and care, but you’re simply in look for more. And this fucks things up with what you already have.

Sure, it’s a great thing to always find something better- of course, it’s the right thing to do. But all I wanna say to you all is before jumping onto lying and acting, to get something better, better see the stakes that are at risk or the stakes that the particular thing (that you’re trying to upgrade) has brought you. This place my friends, around you, around me, could be a beautiful one. Only if we stop being selfish about what we think is good for us. We need to learn to sacrifice. Guys! We sacrifice sh*t! We don’t! What? Have you done something out of the way for something you love? Something? Someone? No! (You might have) but NO! We simply need to get off our damned lazy asses and realize that sh*t is not like how we program it to be always! It changes and flips and swirls and what not!

I wouldn’t go deeper with this, but if you’ve made this far, you probably know and understand every ounce of this blog post. Thanks for reading.

DM me (Instagram) and start a conversation about this. Thanks again.

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