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When’s the last time you felt anxiously angry? Probably a minute back. Yes, I did say anxiously angry because anger and anxiety go hand in hand. However, the thing to really notice here is, treating and curing the anxiety of the moment is way tougher than handling the anger. Let’s start with the nature of this feeling. It’s said that whenever an emotion hits us, namely, anger, happiness, or anxiety, all 300-Trillion cells in our body function and feel the same.

This implies that there’s nothing known as “I’m a little angry”. Either you are, or you’re not- it’s binary. Now you might be thinking, how can I overcome this? I mean can you really control 300-Trillion cells? The answer is, it’s easier to control 300-Trillion cells all at once rather can controlling a part of it. Feeling something is the easiest thing a human can do. And this is where we start. If you feel angry, it’s because that was the easiest thing to do in that moment. Because finding a solution takes some work and definitely doesn’t use all 300-Trillion cells in congruence. So how do you overcome this? Well, here’s now- and just to state it out, by no means, this is professional advice and you’re 100% at your own risk if things backfire which they won’t really. This is all that works for me, and I hope to share them in a hope that they work for you, as much as they work for me.

Here’s a fact about anger, it fades away. It’s a temporary phase. A very, short-lived phase of your day or that hour. Do you know what else is the same way? A tunnel. Yeah, a tunnel, we drive through. An underpass we go through. It just passes and you either turn on your headlights if it’s too hard or you simply just, get through it without hitting another car! Akshat, but getting through a tunnel is easy-peasy, this is my human mind! MmMmm, no worries- here are the things you can do to overcome anger, instantly.

  1. Hit Spotify or YouTube and play some chill/LoFi beats.
  2. Meditate- but trust me it’s hard, so here’s the solution to this- guided meditation. Guided meditation playlists are available on all listening platforms. Even the platform you’re listening to this on! As for me, I use Headspace to meditate whenever I feel the need to. Also, there’s this myth about meditation- the myth that you need to do it daily. Well, yeah I mean it sets the tone right and no shit it really does calm you down but, anything that gets you breathing, anything at all that calms you down, is your meditation. If that’s talking to a close friend, or, reading, or even simply listening to this podcast. I’ll put out a podcast on this topic tomorrow for sure because I see we all really need this. So, calm down, and meditate.
  3. Doing something completely different from what you were doing earlier. Completely different. This will also eliminate the inertia of focusing on one thing for too much- which is also a known reason for anxiety.
  4. Just truly realizing that you are crossing the tunnel and that it’s coming to an end by every second.

Have faith in your self. Relisten to this whenever you feel angry, it might calm you down. This may be your 4/5 minute meditation. However, if you would like me to make dedicated meditation soundtracks or guided meditation with a piece of soothing music that would calm you down, text me to do so on my Instagram handle and I promise to have those in place for you.

If you’ve reached this far into today’s podcast. We should really talk, I mean, we do relate to something. Feel free to message me on Instagram on the same ID and do subscribe to the podcast here on the platform you’re listening on so you don’t miss another vibe.

Have a great day.

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