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a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.-


P-E-R-S-P-E-C-T-I-V-E. Just another 11 letter word that is often under-looked. In this post, I will try to make clear how perspectives create conflicts and why having a unique perspective is as necessary as having one.

Starting off with myself, my perspective towards plenty of things isn’t what the majority would accept upon. This happens generally. My points and views on a particular topic are most of the times considered out of the world to the majority of people. But guess what, the fact that they are MY WORDS and MY thoughts, makes the picture clear. Let me explain-

Everyone has got views on a particular thing, everyone has got opinions, everyone has got answers. To sum it up, everyone has a different perspective about things in life. And we, as humans (especially teenagers), need to accept the fact that perspectives matter. As a matter of fact, I truly, from every bit of my brain and heart believe that any conflict that may ever happen between two individuals or a group is due to a difference in perspective. As important having a perspective is to life, more importance is being held behind the fact that we need to respect various perspectives along with ours. Not necessarily embrace them, but to at least be comfortable with it and conflict-free. After all, it is your perspective. You have your own perspective, they have theirs and I have mine. None of them is right, everything, every perspective holds equal value to everyone who believes in the same.

I feel it really all comes down to how firm you are with your thoughts and yourself. If you’re like me, you’re probably a set mind and would have fewer probabilities of giving a f*ck to anyone who’s perspective might not matter to you. But, if you are like a majority of the folks, it might actually be a higher probability that you are often offended with other people’s opinions or perspectives. Which, is totally fine considering the fact that it is a natural human trait but on a macro, this is exactly what disrupts a relationship or a potential common workflow.

Honestly, I am glad to have a finger-count of people in my life who try their best to resonate with my perspective and bring out things smoothly but not everyone is as lucky to have such cooperative people in their lives. Also, I feel (my perspective) that being with a person who could also talk common to your topics and listen to you with keen interests is one of the best things to have, especially as a teenager. But a few of you might completely deny from the fact. There are a plethora of ‘independent’ minds who feel they don’t need anyone in their lives apart from themselves. I have complete empathy to that but what kills me and baffles me then is when these people seek attention in spite of displaying an independent perspective.

“Having a perspective” and ‘sticking to it’ are two different things. And none of them is a wrong thing. In fact, having a perspective about a particular thing actually gives you an edge and makes you debatable whenever a particular topic is being discussed. And when you tend to stick to your own perspectives and believe them, that is exactly when people brand you as a ‘mature mind’. Being mature takes so much. What teens don’t realise is having a healthy perspective (perspective that you yourself believe in) is one of the major traits of a mature individual.

Another big thing about having perspective is that you’re allowed to hang on your own sword. Having a perspective in the first place, gives you a massive level of respect and attention. For instance, I happened to speak to a new girl in my shared college cab who completely believed in the fact that social media doesn’t need to be worshipped. She said, “social media is just there and I feel there is ZERO need to show people parts of your private life.”
Now, as most of you who follow me on Instagram ( might know, I am completely the opposite to this perspective but still, I had some level of respect build up for her and her thought process. The fact that she even had a perspective qualified her for an argument. Now, the sexy part isn’t that she HAD a perspective either- it was the fact that she truly believed it and stood by it.

Likewise, I met one of my great friends from earlier this year who’s the owner of an event management firm named Khatirdari Group. Sarthak (the owner), doesn’t believe in technology even for a bit. Y’all might be probably thinking- what a retard. But after getting to have a talk with him and asking the reasons why, he had points and arguments that he stood by so well and deeply. He says “Technology isn’t an asset. And it may collapse any second.” I have gained MASSIVE respect for this 12th grader who’s going to handle multiple large-scale food events in India this Q4 of 2018 (quarter 4). To sum it up-


It is important to have perspective and not give a damn about what others say about it. You are the strongest in the room, if you can stand by your perspective- even if it doesn’t make sense to others.


  1. I’d say it was completely worth the time I spent on reading this article. Makes sense, not everyone is alike, everyone has their one perspective and point of view on different things. It’s high time teenagers of this generation come to realize the fact that they should go do things they are good at!

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