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POV – Point of Vulnerability

The thought of this particular article hit my mind as I attended my lecture for cybersecurity in my college. It all really hit me when the professor pointed randomly (at me) as he started to explain what POV actually meant in reality.

He says, “Point of Vulnerability is that area of something which is the most prone to attacks (mostly harmful).” To demonstrate it better, he pointed at me and asks me, “what are you scared of? Is there something you’re just away from doing, no matter what? What is that ‘one thing’ that you would do anything to ignore?” I was blank, of course, because I really did not want my inner introspected self to tell everyone my weak areas. Honestly, something I realized that moment was, I do have weak (vulnerable) areas which do affect me significantly at times. But that happens because I haven’t ever, thought about facing them head on and actually those might be areas of utter uselessness to me.

Point 1: WHY should I be vulnerable to things that don’t matter to me?

Point 2: Have I ever taken the time to explore myself in this manner? No. We say, pick your strengths and ignore your weaknesses. But, what if that ‘something’ that you’re calling as ‘weakness’, isn’t really one? What if the importance of that thing (that you call your weakness) is completely NIL?

The professor proceeded, “His weakness might be Maths, it might be Chemistry, it might be dealing with friends, etc”. And well, yes, I do hate maths. I do because I never got the hang of it since 6th grade. And something that I am doing now, for college, for work, for happiness, DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY PERCENTAGE of that component which was my so-called “weakness” or a “POV”.

See? Everyone has POVs. It might be something or another. It might even be dealing with relationships, it might be dealing with old friends, whatever, YOU HAVE A POINT OF VULNERABILITY TOO. And way too many of you have started giving importance to the POV which might not even matter in the long run.

It’s scary to think, “What if my POV is something that is required in the future?” Well, the only couple answers to this are, either you do whatever it takes to get over it and fix it- which one of my business partners, made me realize lately and the other would be to completely ignore that path. Being either in the black area or the white area would definitely pay. Being in the grey zones, where there’s a bit of black and a bit of white, is going to lead you to an undefined place- which you might even be in, right now!

Mine plead to you, teenagers, or whosoever is reading this is, take a step back and look at your vulnerabilities. And try to realize, are they really the areas worth getting depressed for? What if you eliminated those few POVs from your life? Would your life get any better?

In 98 out of 100 cases, YES, you would see a significant difference when you eliminate your POVs. Again, whether it be by dealing hard with them (which you must try to, otherwise you’re doing something called as ‘giving-up’) or, completely let it go.

Hit the black or the white area guys. And once you’re out of the grey zone, you shall realize that your points of vulnerabilities, insecurities about yourself or dissatisfactions would vanish, in a nick of time.


Of course, I went into a deep thought cycle as the discussion was over in class but something still remained unanswered. Not to the teacher, not to the class, but to myself. What are my POVs? What were my points of vulnerabilities?

  • They might be something I know
  • They might be something I know but I don’t wanna realize
  • They might be something I know already and predicate so much energy towards it (thinking, practicing, analyzing it) but the fact simply stands that the particular POV just doesn’t matter to me and never would- in the future.
  • They might be something I don’t know at all
  • They might be something I don’t know and even if I did, I would have been better off without knowing them

If you could give yourself (not me) a little more time on reading this ahead, I’d like to pick back on the third point.

  • They might be something I know already and predicate so much energy towards it (thinking, practicing, analyzing it) but the fact simply stands that the particular POV just doesn’t matter to me and never would- in the future. 

This is the main kind of ‘dangerous’ vulnerability I am talking about. Where you know there’s something so deep that affects your every day but still, you seem to carry sh*t forward because the truth is,
you, have not taken the time to self-introspect yourself and actually realize that it doesn’t make any sense breaking time and energy on it. But you still do, because again, you have given that so-called POV, majority of your time that you should have been spending on yourself.

Whenever you’re reading this, at which every time, I request you to take an hour out of your very busy Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, friends, day and LIST down your vulnerable areas (your POVs) and think or write-down (even better) the solution to that particular vulnerability. Have the following goal in mind: write a solution, keeping in mind that whenever someone or something reminds you of your POV, you are affected the least. This can be either by fixing it (this requires real determination and strategy and if you’ve reached till this section of the blog post, trust me, you have the most of it) OR get over the fact that the particular things have ever been your POVs. It is usually hard and extremely challenging to get over a POV but something that can really help is- change, that you can bring in yourself or the way you do things or completely eliminating the things that require you to perform or think about that particular thing/person/whatever.


  1. Dear Akshat,

    This is an amazing thought stream that will certainly help every reader to introspect about their beliefs and whims about their POVsand will make them think through to try and get an answer.

    Thanks for sharing this… It did help me trigger my thought train to introspect about what are my POVs and whether they really are so what they appear to me.


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