Passionate about social media and digital marketing, Akshat loves “people”. He deeply understands the current social land-grab and has deep creative instincts as well as practical thinking ability to help brands build success and reputation for themselves, both online and offline.

Authority, to me is such an important concept. Yeah, it’s a concept and it’s being misused more than anything. This podcast, surely is a little informative and all those fancy words, but I see this getting to me as a rant. And let’s start here- printing business cards doesn’t mean you run a company.

This concept of doing something basic, or something that yields no results but still gives you an illusion that you’re moving forward, is such a slow poison to one’s hustle behaviour. It baffles me when I say this but sadly, I have now known way too many friends and people who have literally just printed business cards and slapped on the term “Entrepreneur” on their Instagram bios and are doing jack shit with their ideas. I don’t know what this concept is officially called but, I’m gonna call this, pseudo accomplishments. Pseudo accomplishments that give you an illusion that you’re moving forward but amount to literally ZERO progress. Infact, it slows you down, as it makes you feel like you’ve actually achieved something.

Investing into an office won’t make sense if you don’t have clients who visit you. Printing business cards is absurd if you don’t have hands to exchange them with. Having the word Entrepreneur framed on your social media handles isn’t going to make you one. In fact, it’s the things that people don’t see, in the front that makes you who you are. I show a number things on my Instagram. One percent of the challenges in my business, one percent of this, one percent of that but never 2%. Because when you’re actually running a company and trying to manage so much, you simply do not feel the need to get your work validated by others who follow you.

So stop taking fake actions and stop leading yourself to fake accomplishments and mindsets. I know, the one dude or girl you see on Instagram might inspire you and you might feel like what they post online is all they do, but believe me, there’s just so much to it. Stop printing cards, make real connections. Reach out, talk, go live, test, test, test, just begin. But don’t, live, in an illusion. Social media is simply the collection of a lot of 1%s of everyone’s lives that they choose to show you. Focus on your 99% and be real with everything you do.

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