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If you’ve landed on this article by any chance, there’s a high chance that you’re one of the 90% audience that read this blog. What I mean is, seeing you here, I can depict that you’re a teenager. Which means you’re either in school or have just passed out school (just like me). And no one knows the importance of books better than us. No-no, not that science textbook, the books that I giveaway on my Instagram every now and then.

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Books are tools that have shaped thoughts of many successful Entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact, Bill Gates reads about 50 books a year. Which is approximately one book per week. He also has deliberately put forward 4 essential tips or his own habits while reading a book.

I’m sure, destiny has it been that we’ve started reading a book and it hasn’t been a complete 50 pages but we’ve already put down and given up on that book. I’m not sure about you but this has been the case with me atleast. I used to HATE reading with all my heart. Here’s a contrary thought in me that kept me from reading. I loved the value that book brought me when I read it but I was just not willing to put in so much time and effort into it. Fact! I needed someone to simply just brief me about everything that book had to teach but sadly, there wasn’t anything I knew back then so I just had to give up on reading on a whole which sewed my opportunities and growth strikes down by a massive percentage.

In late 2017, I discovered multiple YouTube channels that did exactly what I wanted. They had 15-20 minute videos with a guy literally briefing out the book quickly and in an intensely deep manner. One of my favorite YouTube channels are Book Success and Practical Psychology. This not only helped me get an idea of how the book actually is and if I should put in money or not. These videos also helped me choose from various books to help me deeply understand what books were truly meant for a person like me.

The second step is when you actually purchase the book and decide to go through it completely. This is one of the main times where we mess up. We get the book we wanted but never bother to read it page to page. Here is a simple yet effective fix for the same. I suggest you use an app called Audible (available for both Android & iOS) and download the audio version of the book that you’re trying to read. There are very high chances that the book that you’re trying to read would have an official audiobook of the same recorded by the author itself. Once you download that, open the first page of the book, grab a highlighter and snap in your earphones and play the audiobook with the desired playback speed. By doing this, you could also know the exact duration of the listening of every chapter and make sure you sketch an appropriate routine to complete the book in a specified amount of time. A few more benefits of such an activity are that you won’t be missing out on anything from the book and you’d also get more time to think, absorb and highlight what’s important to you from the book.



Apart from more quality time reading the book combined with the audio, most authors speak a little differently and often times extra on the audiobooks. This not only keeps you away from getting bored but also gives you something more to look-up to in your favorite book by your favorite author. I’ve personally loved how Gary Vaynerchuck has included way many insights than he has ever mentioned in the book.

Play this trick your way and before you realize, you’ve read a bomb load of books, and most importantly, you’ve read them


Happy reading!

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