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It’s not often I catch people off-guard.  But today I did! C’mon, you’re reading to this and I know who you are, huh! Kidding, whatever platforms you’re listening/reading to, keeps it very discrete to what a particular user listens to- so you’re good. But guess who caught themselves, off-guard. You!

There are two reasons why you might have clicked on this. Just, two, reasons. Number one could be just for the sole purpose of reading my wonderfully laid out words or listening to my well-balanced voice- which is highly unlikely and the second- you have failed more times at following a time table than anyone around. Mhmm, I’ve been there and it’s just- demotivating.

It’s demotivating to have set up a highly motivated to-do list with high motivation but failed to demotivation instead of being motivated to completing the to-do list. Okay, yeah what just happened? That is surprisingly grammatically correct. Okay, here’s what it means.

We as humans are programmed to always overvalue the likeliness of a positive event happening in our lives. That is, we will always, always and always set up a to-do list way far more than what we can achieve in the day. And when our subconscious finally talks to us and says that performing these talks in a day are close to impossible, to satisfy our human brain, we come up with something of the next league- The Table Table, as we call it. Ladies and gentlemen, let alone your our own independent narrative, even well-established organizations and colleges fail to operate on this aspect. Now enough of stating the problem, here’s a solution to it which I’ll cover hopefully in the next 60-seconds as you listen to this.

Instead of making a time-table that is bound and fixed from minute to minute, make this thing which I’d like to call the routine. Yeah, you’ve heard that before from your mom, and guess what, she’s right.

Let’s say you wake up at 7:30 AM and have your morning chills by 8. Instead of timing to “read the book” from 8 AM to 9 AM, add “reading right after I wake up” to the routine page that you should also consider maintaining. I use this app called ‘Notion’ and for most of you who have seen me flaunt it on my Instagram stories (my handle is, you must’ve noticed I have a daily routine list which has entries like:

  • Pushups after brushing
  • Read non-fiction after pushups
  • Record, publish & post about the day’s podcast
  • Acquiring or working on a new skill after podcast until noon

so on and so forth, all the way till reading fiction before bed.

What happens here, is instead of giving your brain hard-wired orders, you’re giving it an easy to follow directional path throughout the day. You’re helping it navigate and not feel bad if things delay- because trust me, we live in an uncertain world with unforeseen circumstances. And your ‘time-table’ is bound to delay its course. So play it smart and since I’m recording this episode during the quarantine, I’ve just more than realized the importance of maintaining a routine based on your activity of the day instead of the ‘time ‘ of the day. Have a good one and thanks for tuning in!

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