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Knowing how sh*t works is an awesome feeling. In fact, to know how a particular thing works, puts you on an authority whenever there’s any discussion taking place of that particular skill/topic.

But in the too much ‘knowing’ of everything, we end up investing a lot of time- which, is great. Is it? Or is it not? Let’s find out from this quick read. (because I know y’all have no patience to sit through a stupid blog post telling you reasons why you’re failing).

I’ll start off by simply saying that this is not me, telling you what you’re doing wrong. In fact, this is the truth, the reality and literally the only reason why procrastination happens in the first place. Stick through this, guys & gals, I plead you to.

When you’re trying to run a business, you must have often heard advice similar to the following:

  • You need to put all the things in place before you start.
  • Just start.
  • Don’t think too hard before doing anything.
  • Think of every decision at least ten times.
  • You need to how every deal in your business works in order to start one and succeed in one.


If you see, a lot of advice that we get from people who made it or not, is often contrary to someone else’s. Like seriously? Some say- You need to put all things in place before you start. and some say,- Don’t think too hard before doing anything. That is just the opposite dammit!

And yes, if you’ve not figured out already, I am telling you to stop listening to any of these advices about ‘starting’. Because anything and everything only comes into action once you actually start whatever it is that you’re trying to do. Once you start, all this advice will make no sense.



I’ll cut to the chase. The answer is, because we put in too much time learning the never-ending list of trying to do everything.

Now read the above bold sentence, again. And again, and again. If you’re smart enough, you’d want to read the remaining 45-seconds.

The solution:

The simple message here is, we can never do everything. When you’re a rookie or even a pro, if you’re trying or starting a business, it is extremely essential to know about all the components of the business and delegating it to the people who do it best. Instead of becoming the one person who does everything in a business, invest the ‘learning it all’ time into ‘honing a few’ and ‘forming the best team’ time. It will pay you and your business the best returns, and much quicker.

Honing, means mastering. Master a skill or two (the ones you think you’re best at) and delegate the rest to the people who’ve honed onto the other skills. You will save a sh*t ton of time and brain. Also, focusing on one thing to hone, is the best thing you’re doing to your brain. Instead of having your brain to focus and divide it’s attention onto 10-specialties, you’re focusing entirely on one and get 9-other people who focus entirely on their own ones.

So go, do. Study tit-bits about the components of your business/any project and spend your time finding people that fit best to fulfill those operations. You’ll be a beast when you realize the amount of work you got done- while maintaining the top-notch quality.


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  1. Man I loved the post ,I had this issue for a long time who’s advise is better cause most of them always contradict.Its always better to find it out ourself what is better for us rather than wasting time ,listening to loads of people rather than doing the work ourselves.
    It’s always the team that matter as a whole
    Again I loved your post man

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