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“Damage- physical harm that impairs the value, usefulness, or normal function of something.”

For a little while, let’s define damage as something non-physical. Maybe emotional, internal, at the level of the soul/mind and at the cost of happiness and fulfillment of the mind & heart.

And here’s a question now- “Are you taking damage? Are you currently feeling emotionally, internally and mentally damaged? Are you on a low? Do you feel like you deserve more (in anything- work or relationship)?”

If any of the above questions, you answered ‘yes’, you should consider reading this post ahead.

To answer the question if taking too much damage is a bad thing or not- it is not. Also, this isn’t any sort of a ‘motivation’ or an ‘it’s gonna be okay’ kinda post. And hence, if you’re here for that, you might wanna step off. This post mainly deals with the mechanism of a damaged mind, a few possible reasons why it could be damaged and a few ways of how to fix it. Of course, I wouldn’t be going in depth taking examples as I know any of you barely reads blog posts- so I’ll keep it quick.

Damage can be of various intensities. And one major factor that we overlook while dealing with damage or a low is whether it is a sort of damage which could be recovered or not. Damage can have a vast impact on a teen brain- making it do things that adults think a teen cannot do. These things can either be a good one or even towards a negative side. 99% of the times, you and I see each other at the same cross-road. Making decisions so we don’t take damage or in other words, ‘taking a path with fewer obstacles’. And sure, taking a path with fewer obstacles is an intelligent choice and will definitely get you to your goal faster than someone who chose the obstacle path. But maybe (or it’s 100% true- you decide), the obstacles is what makes it a ride. The damage you face along the way is what prepares you to sustain your goal once you reach it.

You ask me, getting to a goal is a fairly easy job. But staying humble and holding to the goal is the hard part. We feel that it’s difficult to reach our goals. Nope. It is super fucking easy to reach goals (provided you follow the right strategy) but it’s way harder to be in the mental state to accept and live with the goal in hand. Once you get to your goal, in order to sustain it, you will have to face challenges and take much more intense damage than ever before. But how we see that hardship- defines whether we are truly deserving of the goal achievement or not. And in that moment, the person who has a stronger work ethic, the person who knows to get up from the dips, does it best. So should you actually take the road less taken? Should you actually make yourself open to more damage and enjoy being hit?

The 1990 answer- No.
The 2019 answer- Heck yes!

The majority of you who are reading this are either 17, 18 or 19. And guys, do we really have so much to lose? I’d say no. I run 3-ventures as I write and even if all 3-decide to crash tomorrow (all at once), and my bank goes zero due to some reason, I can still make it big in the next three years.

Why? Because I have taken the damage and battle scars are fucking attractive. Look, if you care about what other people think about you taking damage, then none of this is for you. The number one rule is to rule out your number ones. And in most cases, your number ones are the reasons you might be at a low. Either they’re stopping you from getting the right damage (by loving you and protecting you more than required) or are the reason why you’re being damaged (in a negative way which will only make you slow and piss on life).

This blog post doesn’t promise any clarity on your current mental situations. In fact, it is doing exactly the opposite. But maybe that’s what we need in life. A little non-clarity to get to conclusions in an unorthodox way. Maybe we need to (if not already taking) take more damage because all we’ve been doing till now is sitting on double-mattresses. Get off and become vulnerable and always, always take the road less taken. There will be surprises and you might have to live life on an edge for a very long time but once you balance well into riding the edge, you’d be limitless when you reach a stable ground. I don’t have a better example to explain this to you than this- (excuse me for my unorthodox and extreme ways of explaining examples) a fractured man knows how to use his hand better after he gets off the fracture.

I’d end this with a very cliché but a very meaningful quote by Friedrich Nietzsche, “Anything that doesn’t kill you- only makes you stronger.” And also about the damage you’ve been carrying from the past- remember this: Nothing heals past like time.

<Personal Message> Stay high teens, you might be going through an extremely rough time in life and that’s how it is supposed to be. Congratulations on that first of all 🙂 If there’s anything you’d like to ever share or discuss- no matter how difficult it gets for me- I shall reply and we shall discuss. If there’s ever anything, any thoughts, any shares about your life- message me on my Instagram handle ( </Personal Message>

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