Passionate about social media and digital marketing, Akshat loves “people”. He deeply understands the current social land-grab and has deep creative instincts as well as practical thinking ability to help brands build success and reputation for themselves, both online and offline.

Launching a business and having it take off to even 10 meters above the ground, requires planning and skills of what 100-feet above the ground would require. Take an example of an airplane, to have it lift even a 100-centimeters from the ground, it requires the power and the mechanism of what it’d take to run in cruise mode in mid-air. In fact, to get it off the ground, is when the plane needs most of its power- It’s a fact.

Let’s quickly land our planes and continue with what this is all about. Here are 5-essential skills that you must have sufficient idea of before jumping into a business venture of your own or even a partnership. Before I get started, quickly wanna convey that these things work not only in a business scenario, but also as you progress in just life. If you wish to have a printable, interactive and easy to read chart of the mentioned points, drop in your email below and we’ll send you one!

    1. Having a basic idea of minimalism, in designing, grammar, sentence placements, and similar. I’d say this is the most important one out of all. Anything that looks well, sells well. You can always have an expert designer onboard or someone to write your sentences for you- but it’s extremely important to be the boss and dictate your own narrative. Don’t forget, if it’s your idea, you should be the one to decide how the world perceives it, not the designer. A designer, is merely one of the most valuable tools to the company that you as a business owner should help sail the ocean. Grammar, is equally important. I’ve seen so many good businesses fail just because they couldn’t place their commas and hyphens right.

    2. Realizing the importance of teamwork & outsourcing– As a beginner, it might seem too obvious to do everything yourself. All the design work from, all the writing stuff, all the basic WordPress website stuff, and everything. We definitely don’t feel like giving our share of the profit or pay someone to do something that we can do ourselves- after literally a single Google search. It’s all good, and you may do it all yourself, but that would come at a heavy cost of not using the time working on the business. Rather than working on the business, you’d be working in the business. Now that, eliminates growth and allocates your time what other professionals can do best. If you’re building a short-term business that you plan on wouldn’t last more than a month, go ahead, do it all. But if you have any intentions of having a business for the long term, outsourcing, team building, and having valuable researchers working with you, is everything.

    Side note: I have been working on all my ventures until 2020, all by myself or with an informal help of a few close friends- and that’s when I realized it all went horribly wrong. Another post on that soon. But starting 2020, I was lucky enough to read the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss (Twitter: @tferriss), which completely changed the way I looked at things. Outsource, everything and build an A-team. Which I have done successfully, as you read this.

    3. The ability to be held accountable to everything- everything that happens in your business. The product failing, low employee satisfaction, organization system failures, a financial-dept crash, or even the misspelled word on your website’s homepage. It’s all your fault. It’s important to have systems and individuals in place who keep a very open eye for detail. It’s 100% in your hands to recognize and mitigate any challenges that come along the way. Use tools like Notion to build a mindmap of every aspect of your business or life and effectively list down things that might need attention or constant monitoring.

    4. Communication is key- Business, life, relationships- all work when there’s effective communication from the source to the target. Always have this component straight. Instead of sugar-coating, focus on being diplomatic. Figure out the person in front of you before you communicate anything. Keep your communication short and direct to the point. Wanting to meet someone for a quick coffee to discuss a business idea? Instead of sending 5-messages telling them about it and agreeing on the time and place of meeting, structure it out in one message. Something like this- “Hey Akshat, there’s a business idea I needed to discuss with you. It’ll take an hour at max. Is Saturday 2 PM at DLF, Sector-18 fine by you? If not, kindly suggest a time on the weekend anywhere from 11 AM to 6 PM)” This message, easily eliminated hours of message delay and about 20-to and fro messages just to fix a meeting.

    Side note: Sometimes, it’s easier to play the man, when you know on what the principles he/she operates. And remember, there’s never an easier time to have a difficult talk.

    5. Having the ability to expand- Both business and life can easily get to every hour of your being. But as I mentioned earlier, if you work on the business rather than in the business, you’ll have a lot more control over your time. And having control over your time simply means more time for growth and consuming content or reading books. There’s never enough that one can ever take away- but it’s one’s duty to take in as much. Spend time, expanding your mind, your skills, your ability, and your chances of succeeding at anything you pick.

    Now, there do exist and certainly can be many more but these were the 5-main essentials that no matter what, you need to have in order to lift your business or life even 10-meters above the ground. Good luck.

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