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Change, is the only constant. Before you think of this as any cliché morning podcast, I just wanna let you know that I am willing to trade in almost anything for someone to have shared this realisation with me if it were two/three years back. If you’re listening to this and have not felt this, yet, you can never thank me enough. It’s called the Art of Starting Over- and it’s actually one of my book ideas. I’ve always wanted to write a book, just like I always wanted to summon a podcast.

Yes, I have started multiple times doing both the things but stopped in the middle of the process- maybe because of the complexity or the changes in life and routines. And that stopped me from entirely doing it in the first place.

Through my voice today, I want to convey that just like changes, in your everyday, are going to take place. Your routine will change every week or every month, and sometimes, drastically- but one should always have the humility, to run towards what their ultimate goal was, before they stopped pursuing it. This was theory, here’s an example that’ll put everything in place;

The teenpreneur digest, the supposedly everyday podcast, wasn’t very everyday in the last week of May due to severe contingencies at my end. For the entire week, I had a part of my massive family over to my place for a tiny get-together and I wasn’t able to pursue or carry out my morning routines, my book readings, my podcast recordings and so much more. Well, I could’ve been stressed and yanky about the situation and think of it as, the sign of god for me to take an exit from my routine forever, or, I could simply acknowledge the fact that routines change with situations. I knew there wouldn’t be a peaceful enough time for me to get my podcast out. So I acknowledged it and instead of blaming and being scared of losing it, I put it on pause entirely and starting over today. This podcast, is my start over. And yeah, I am in a way keeping my further grounds clear in case of any breaks in the middle but hey, it’s alright. Start over, everyone’s watching, while no-one really is.

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