Passionate about social media and digital marketing, Akshat loves “people”. He deeply understands the current social land-grab and has deep creative instincts as well as practical thinking ability to help brands build success and reputation for themselves, both online and offline.

“Doing the hard part.” Yeah, inducing the really challenging or doing the tougher job in making a product. Yeah, that’s it. You can shut down this audio and continue with your day. You’ve got your answer.

Oh wait, you’ve decided to listen? Hmm, glad. Lemme make it worth your while then! Anyone, around you, can create anything mediocre. And that’s exactly why there’s a ton of competition at mediocre jobs. Everyone’s busy getting to a place in their life that they may or may not realise is the dead-end to their freedom, happiness and creativity. And my bet is, most of them do know this, they’re just too mediocre to admit it themselves. Well now, stop this Akshat. If you know so much about what valuable means, why don’t you start spitting it out?

A-OK. You sure you’ll get this? You sure you wanna rectify it? Because if you’re not willing to rectify this, this isn’t your place, dude. And if you know the importance of this, one component or are willing to rectify it and take that subconscious contrastive criticism, listen closely.

In anything you do in life, business, work or making relationships and plans work, you gotta do what other people don’t. You gotta stick, and do the hard part. Because that’s where 99% people (heck, a 100%) people fail. Let’s consider a relationship because I have a feeling we dumbfucks relate things better when spoken to in that context for some weird reason. I’m gonna be speaking from a guy’s perceptive, obviously. And it’s all hypothetical okay? Okay, stuff gets complicated and hard and it needs fixing and introspecting and she leaves without an explanation just because things got hard. Well, what happened? That made it all mediocre. It made her mediocre, she couldn’t stick when things got hard. But at the same time, it made me mediocre too, because I wasn’t able to acknowledge when things actually got hard.

So if you’re acting mediocre, step back and look at it from a third person’s view (by the way, listen to my podcast on the importance of detachment to know what I’m talking about). When you view things from a third person’s view, you’ll know that the situation you’re trying to get through is really hard and the only component that can make it valuable at the end of the day, is putting in the extra work and sticking when the mediocre aspect of your life needs you the most.

In the business or creative sense, well, the extra hard effort you could take to improve your blog’s reading experience, or structuring the background music right in your audios, or making sure the punctuations in your texts, are correct- makes all the difference there is, in what valuable and mediocre is. And trust me when I say this, you sticking all the way till here into this podcast, tellsdrie me and more importantly yourself, about you. Have such a good one today, will you!

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