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I’ve been the worst I could be at maths in my high school. But there’s something I realized about the equations solving that had two variables x and y in them. I have always felt that one of those two variables is 3 times harder to find than the other one. And it’s usually the first variable. Enough math, here’s what I’m trying to imply- just like in maths, there’s a very special variable in our lives and according to me, it’s simply the most important one out of all. I’ll call it the ultimate variable- it’s hard work.

It’s funny to even think of the misconceptions people have of this word. Hard work isn’t simply doing more. It means sticking through. And this isn’t a slim difference in understanding. It’s a massive difference between the two. I’ll say it again, most of us have the understanding of hard work as the act of doing more and more but in reality, it means sticking through. More like persistence but I’d say it’s a combination of persistence and determination. These two variables, persistence, and determination, make up the ultimate variable, the ultimate gap in people’s understanding of the hustle-culture- the most important part of any equation- hard work.

And remember, it is always the hard part that creates value. The easy, the usual, the cliché, everyone’s doing it. But Akshat, how do I do it? How do I do what? How do I focus on the hard part when there isn’t anything that’s hard in my life? Okay, so here’s what you do.

You simply do little things (your daily tasks) at hand differently. Something or the other about it, can be different, can be challenging. Something that you leave out always just because it’s hard. You’re so used to leaving it out that you don’t even remember what it is! Crazy, isn’t it? Mmm, let me get your mind warm by giving you a few examples. We’re all under quarantine and no gyms are functioning, and you’re used to taking the lift, instead simply take stairs! That’s one. Another could be to start writing down your notes from your online classes in better handwriting maybe. I know it might sound crazy but wait a second and take a step back- isn’t a legible handwriting a good thing to have? We’ve become so comfortable with our shortcomings and have accepted them so much that they don’t seem like something that we need improving or try differently at all. Little things, like these, matter. If you wanna cut down on drinking soda, replace it with water or orange juice or whatever, the intent is to do things differently. Differently and in a way that benefits you at the end of the day. So that was it, a short and sweet podcast. Like always. If you’re listening to me for the first time and you think I really hit a nerve, hi, my name is Akshat Gupta and I’m an aspiring entrepreneur running 2-profitable ventures. It’d be my ultimate pleasure to connect with you on my Instagram ID Send me a screenshot if you’re listening to this- that’s the only thing that would keep me motivated with the consistency of The Teenpreneur Digest. Once again, you were listening to Akshat Gupta, and I wish you all the best day ahead.

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