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Honestly, you’ve got no reason to blame yourself or feel guilty for clicking on that link. I’ll never come to know who it was, so, relax!

Now that you’ve clicked and are dragged to this beautiful page, let me help you out before you blame me for wasting your time.

Before anything and everything, I’d like to make it rock-hard-clear that there exist NO WAYS to make money easily.
Don’t get me wrong here, there do exist smart ways, but no easy ways. And in order to get the hang of working smart and automizing your income flow, you’ll have to work hard. Let’s get a little deeper into this.

Everyone is chasing the cash. And we all want to make the chase as easy as possible. We like the reward more than anything. We like the Armani Jeans, the G-Shock, the Ferrari Perfume, the Sneakers but not the process of making actual money.

Some of us, as teens still don’t realize how hard of a time it is for our parents to make money. A few of your parents own businesses and a few work corporate jobs. Either of them is fine until the individual is happy and is able to keep the people around them happy. If you’re holding a smartphone right now and are able to understand the language I’m talking in, you’re in that fraction of humans who’s blessed enough.
And being in the lucky percentage, instead of realizing the odds of getting such a beautiful life and working hard to make it even better, we tend to settle with what we have and look for easy money.
And the truth is, no man ever got rich without working hard.

Yes, of course, there might be a few ways one could get instant money and that is by selling things that you don’t use anymore. It might be an old smartphone, or it might be an old vase, anything can be sold in exchange for money. But how long is this particular business model going to sustain? Until you get your house empty? Or until you don’t have anything to sell? This is where we think micro instead of thinking macro. To get the short term wealth, we look for ways that give us instant gratification. While on a macro, we’ve sold things that we could have relied on or which would’ve proven to be an asset.
Maybe it was that extra smartphone that kept you carefree if you lost your current one now? Although selling it gave you instant cash, it might prove to be a fatal move on a macro.

Then what is an overnight success? That’s getting rich quick. Isn’t it?


Alright, go to the person you think is an overnight success and ask him/her how it all happened. Every single person you ask would laugh their faces off.

Do you even realize the number of hours and the amount of sweat these people have put in? Do you realize the sacrifices that they would’ve made to make it look like an overnight success?

It is all those months and years of hard work that helps a person blow up and eventually make him/her look like an overnight success.

I cannot just sell T-shirts and expect a 100 sales by the evening- until a famous YouTuber promotes my business on his (even that’s not a guarantee if your product is sh*t). On reality and practical grounds, that just doesn’t happen. And once you start building yourself a reputation by improving and promoting your tees on the gram (abbreviation used for Instagram) and getting high with your social media game, you eventually make a 100 sales and are featured by blogs- which make you look like an overnight success.

You might even be a real overnight success. Here’s how- find a cure for cancer. Find a way to sustain life in space before Elon Musk. Do it if you can.

And honestly, the people who’re trying to do such wonders aren’t reading this blog.
You’re nothing bad, its just that before we start getting our hands dirty with money, we gotta realize its nuance. We need to realize this deep down that ‘easy money’ is just business models to sell you a course. Here’s actually what happens when you click on such ‘easy money’ ads:

  1. You get redirected to a BS website that tells you how easily you could make money by a little guidance.
  2. They tell you to sign up for free and enter your e-mail and phone number so they could send you a guide. (They make money selling your information to the third party)
  3. They mail you a copy of an e-book that explains the ‘benefits’ of getting rich(duh) and eventually asking you to buy their $200/$500 and even a $1,000 ‘GET RICH QUICK’ course which is filled with crap.


A- You just wasted money which you anyway wanted quick and easy.
B- The person who sold you the course just made ‘smart’ money.
C- Since the course would focus nowhere on the special side, you’re eventually going to feel demotivated and guilty to have spent the money.

I don’t mean all courses and books and mentorship is bad, but until you realize “First you learn, then you earn”, you’ve got no shot at this.

So, how can you make extra cash this weekend without selling what you already have?

This can be done in a number of smart ways, honestly.  And as a matter of fact, doing a few of these got me started with all other activities.

  1. Blogging– Write for someone in exchange for money. You can make money by helping someone with any sort of skill you possess.
  2. Sell off things you don’t see yourself using in the next 4 years.– Only sell things that really make no sense in your house. As a fact, having things merely lying around creates a negative energy and might actually be an obstruction in life. So get rid of such things as soon as possible.
  3. FLIP IT.This. This, is a big one. And this is exactly how I made the majority of my money back in the days. On a quick note,
    “Buy for cheap, sell for more.”

I’d be more than grateful to write an in-brief depth article about how I FLIPPED things to make money and how I was actually able to support my own expenses (Flight travel w/ Premium Lounge Access and Even a 5-Star Hotel Stay in Pune). Let me know in the comment section below if you want that article to be up anytime soon.)


  1. Dude this is FREAKIN’ DØPE! I’m blown away by the fact that life gets real easy if you break it down into these steps that you’ve shown to your audience! Keep up the good work man! Love your work.

  2. No bullshit!
    You’re straight up spitting facts brother!
    Remember, there are only 2 ways to get rich quickly-

    1. Rich Parents.
    2. Winning the lottery.

  3. We as human beings don’t accept the fact that as we grow older.. Reality is the one to be faced.
    And Akshat, Great people like you must start writing books and produce articles in order to Kindle the fire in all those people who need to man up and be brave enough to face the reality rather than “Living the present moment”. (Which in real world doesn’t work). And I really appreciate your work in explaining the Fact. And asap release the “Flip it” article also. And the whole time was worth it. ✌️

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