Didn’t really get the idea? No worries, here is everything you need to know about the program.

Teenpreneur fellowship program, a program curated with extensive research. We found out that over 18% of the total world’s population consists of people that are 15-24 years old. That makes, 1.8 billion of us. It’s us, who are going to run this world. And what are we doing? Submitting assignments and finishing deadlines? Why aren’t we doing more? Exactly, we don’t know! And that is why we are here to offer you the best platform, to do more, grow more, become more.

Teenpreneur is coming down to all your colleges. We want all you amazing people to become a part of our cult. This is for anyone who is passionate about their hustle, and wants to represent Teenpreneur in their campuses and start a trend like never before.

Teenpreneur enables you to form your own Teenpreneur hustle community in your own campus. A chance to connect with the coolest, most hardworking individuals from not only your campus but from the whole country.
The team will have its own social media handles, host events, and create awesome college centric content under the Teenpreneur banner.

It gives you the opportunity to be a part of all Teenpreneur brand campaigns and sponsorships that we collaborate with. It gives you the chance to take part in all the great events we host. A chance of a lifetime to witness and be an active part of a business starting from scratch.

Here is a chance to build something, together. We at Teenpreneur believe in building a community so strong that no idea will go waste on a piece of paper. It’s not just certificates and recognition but the program comes with actual perks. internships (actual paid internships), sponsored events, merchandise, travel, you name it. We want you to be the most powerful voice on your campus and the champ who puts together the best experiences for your team and your folks on your campus.

It is for all you creative heads who want to change the dynamics around you.

We know it is in you. (I mean it means something that you are here reading this?)

Come, join the cult.

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