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No one’s born with skills, really. Yes, you might be able to do a few things better naturally once you learn them but again, you don’t know what those things are right from the second you’re born. You just, find them as you go along life. However, there certainly exist things that no matter how much to try, you just don’t do it right. As much as you’re born with skills that you’re best at, you are also born with things you’re probably the worst at in the entire room.

So what do you do? Yeah, I know, listen and try to act on that cliché advice- never give up or, if you want you can do anything, a million others. I’m not against these in any manner but when you know its not working, just acknowledge the fact that it’s not working! In most scenarios, you’ll see that you’ve wasted enough time trying to justify your weakness that work on your strengths. One of my business partners, more of a close friend said this in other ways a few months back- he said, “If you try to work on your weaknesses, you’ll simply have stronger weakness.” To a few of you, this might not make sense but don’t worry, time will prove this to you, I’m speaking and claiming this true from 5-years of experience.

Okay so here’s how you deal with your weaknesses- you don’t. Meaning, you don’t. Meaning, you just don’t. See instead of spending time on just sticking onto improving it, try it for some time and if you don’t get the hang of it, simply follow the next two things I’m about to say.

  1. Eliminate it
  2. Delegate it

That’s how we do it. That’s how I do it. And these 2-are the only things that ever worked for me. Either find an alternative solution that’s feasible to you and convince yourself that there’s no need of working on the weakness. Just, replace it. I mean, do try to learn and fix it in the beginning, I’m not asking you to just throw in the towel anytime you feel uncomfortable with something, only when you feel it’s really a challenge, replace or eliminate it. It’s funny how literally 80% of the weaknesses we weep about, we’re well off with completely eliminating them in the first place. Try it for yourself.

Oh and the second one, I owe everything to. Delegation. This is perhaps the best thing that has happened to me. And insane thanks to Tim’s book 4-Hour Work Week for really making me believe that more than just feasible. It’s simple. If you can’t eliminate something and also can’t do it yourself, pay the price for it and delegate it to someone who can. Yes, this might be a little heavy on your bank account but oh boy, it’s worth it and it gives you something more than just money- it gives you time. So much time to focus on other aspects. And I’ll conclude with that because there is simply nothing more wise that delegating repetitive, extremely challenging or expert tasks to someone who can do them best in the shortest about of time, and you can stop feeling stupid for not being able to do it. Improve, eliminate or simply delegate.

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